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1 Kings Reflections

Reflect on 1 Kings – Praise the Lord!  You have just finished the book of 1 Kings. What did you learn? Who did you meet? Let’s look back at: 

DAVID, a man after God’s own heart, his life concluded in 1 Kings, yet his legacy continues through the generations.

SOLOMON, who started strong, seeking wisdom above all else, yet finished poorly,  being led astray by the company he kept. 

REHOBOAM and AHAB revealed the importance of heeding wise counsel, and that evil will be dealt with. 

ELIJAH the prophet showed us a life reliant on God, and he showed us that even those closest to the Lord can grow weary… the Lord will meet you in even the darkest of emotions.  Look for his comfort and rescue. What else did you receive? 

Tomorrow we will move to the New Testament with the book of John.   It is the 4th book of the NT, between Luke and Acts. But for today, may gratitude and quiet reflection fill your study time.  BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. I WILL BE EXALTED AMONG THE NATIONS, I WILL BE EXALTED IN ALL THE EARTH. Psalm 46:10

Daily Word

Psalm 119:65-80

Monday! Monday! Read Psalm 119:65-80 – “I used to wander off until you disciplined me; but now I closely follow your word.” 119:67 The path to maturity is so funny. Arrogance and breaking boundaries seem like the way to declare one’s self… until the conclusion is reached (hopefully), that being constantly disciplined is no way to live. “Now let your unfailing love comfort me, just as you promised me, your servant, ” 119:77. Beloved, which verses in our passage are just for you? There is so much wisdom – rest in it and find your way. 📖⏳🌞⚓🎶🌅📖


1 Kings 2:1-12

Read 1 Kings 2:1-12 – Part one of two… or maybe three.

We are privileged to have an account of King David’s last words, his legacy is handed to his son, the newly appointed King Solomon, who will be known as the wisest man to have ever lived.  These are words we do not want to rush through.  

“I am going where everyone on earth must someday go.  Take courage and be a man.” David prepares Solomon(2:2) and my heart translates:  Let me go – carry your own torch.  Grief can redefine a person.  Do not hold so tightly to those who have passed on before you that you miss out on leading your own life.  

David charges Solomon to adhere to God’s laws, and gives him a few practical matters regarding people who must be dealt with:  Joab (2 Samuel 3) and Shimei (2 Samuel 16) for treachery – and Barzillai for kindness(2 Samuel 19).  King David dies and is buried with his ancestors in the City of David.  

I just need a moment, how about you?  We have walked alongside this lowly shepherd, who killed lions and bears, and was chosen by God Almighty.  David, who slayed the giant, Goliath the Philistine, who waited patiently for King Saul to die, though he spent great effort hunting David and wanting him dead.  David, who would lead Israel through turmoil, who would sin and repent… King David, the man after God’s own heart has completed his time on earth.


1 Kings 1

Read 1 Kings 1 – We are rejoining the great King David today.  

David is in the sunset years, old, but still king and capable of calling the shots.  His son, Adonijah, overrides his father’s position and makes himself the self appointed king… Just as his brother, Absalom, attempted in 2 Samuel 15.  

We get some insight into this audacious behavior as we learn that David never disciplined his son(1:6).  Dads – you matter so much!  Your presence in you little children’s lives will affect them for all of theirs – for better or worse.  

Nathan… remember Nathan?  He was the prophet who confronted David on his sin with Bathsheba (2 Sam 12).  He now teams with Bathsheba to remind David of his vow to make Solomon the next king.  David makes Solomon king, he is anointed, the rams horn is blown, and Solomon takes the throne.  Adonijah’s ruse is fully exposed, his guest flee the banquet, and he pleads with King Solomon not to kill him.  

Life is busy!  Good things and not so good things are happening all around us. David declared, “As surely as the Lord lives, who has rescued me from every danger,”(1:29).  Beloved, may you look in your past and see God’s rescue throughout, and use that to light the way into your fearless future.


2 Samuel 24

Read 2 Samuel 24 – Our last chapter in 2 Samuel!  What a fine accomplishment this is – to know our Lord so much more with the reading of 1&2 Samuel. 

Verse 24:1 put a question on my heart.  God was angry with Israel, so he made David sin against Him by taking a census?  That just doesn’t make sense – it is outside of the Lord’s nature to make a person sin so He can punish.  Upon searching for an answer (thank you, Jesus, that we have access to what your great theologians before us have discovered), it seems the ‘he’ in this verse is referring to Satan and not the LORD, as one might assume without looking deeper.  Ah ha! 

Yes, even Joab questions David on his order to take the census (24:3), and may we all have a few Joab’s in our lives, willing to speak up when we start to go astray!  David’s conscience brings guilt, confession and a plea for forgiveness (24:10). 

The Lord graciously gives David a choice on his consequences: Three years of famine, three months of persecution or three days of severe plague.  David chose plague, trusting the Lord for His mercy (24:14), which He gives, relenting just before Jerusalem (24:15).  

Our book concludes with David building an altar to the Lord, with offerings, and the plague is stopped. 

Even with forgiveness, sin has consequences that humble and sanctify the forgiven sinner.  Remember, God is good all the time, and when life is hard, God is especially good.🙌❤☝️

This is not the end for our David, his story continues in 1 Kings,  which we will get to later.   Tomorrow, we will move to 1 Peter, in the New Testament. To find it, start from the back of your bible, Revelation, and flip up a bit, between James and 1,2,3 John.


2 Samuel 23

Read 2 Samuel 23 – Retirement reflections.   Remember in 2 Samuel 21:15,17, David became exhausted in battle.  Abishai saved him,  and David’s faithful men swore there would be no more battles for King David. Our valiant king was entering a new chapter and perhaps he was thinking about that when he penned these words.  David knows the Lord spoke the words through him (22:2).  He speaks of God saying he ruled in righteousness with fear of the Lord being like the sunrise on a bright,  cloudless morning, the brightness after rain that brings forth grass (23:3-4).  He uses beautiful language in summary on his life,  walking so close to the Lord and leading as truly,  one nation under God(23:1-8).  Then there is a tribute to his fighting men…. those who battled fearlessly alongside him all these years.   What is your perspective on God over your life?  Is Jesus tangible to you? He longs to be.  How about your warriors? Who has walked life’s battles alongside you?🤺☝️


2 Samuel 22

Read 2 Samuel 22 – Read and rest in David’s psalm – What would your psalm speak of? 

This Psalm is also recorded in Psalm 18.  As far as 2 Samuel goes, this chapter does not seem to fall in chronological order with the others, as Saul died at the end of 1 Samuel.  Yet, reflection is so important in life. 

David reflects on the Lord – who He is and all that He has done for David.  David speaks of times the Lord has rescued him, and he speaks of prophetic things (22:8-16).  He speaks of the Lord’s why – and it is a why we all should hold on to, “He led me to a place of safety; he rescued me because he delights in me.”  (22:20) 

Beloved, we cannot earn God’s love or rescue.  He gives freely because He delights in us!  There are so many powerful, life sustaining verses, spend some time here, beloved.  Your perceptions of the Lord shape how you receive Him, and how you live out your love and faith everyday. ❤🤗☝️🙏🏻☝️🤗❤ 


2 Samuel 21

Read 2 Samuel 21 – The Bible amazes me time and time again.   It all adds up like a divine mathematical equation. 

Today,  David avenges the Gibeonites, but to fully understand why,  we need to jump back to Joshua 9!  The Lord told the Israelites not to make any covenants with the locals, but these Gibeonites tricked them by dressing as if the came from a far off land. Joshua made the treaty for their safety (see Joshua 9:15). 

Saul violated the treaty in his zeal to for Israel and Judah(21:2), and its up to David to right the wrongs.

Vows, oaths,  treaties matter to God, even those made without consulting him.  May we all be wise to be prayerful and prudent with our promises. 


2 Samuel 19

Read 2 Samuel 19 – So many details!  

Joab speaks some harsh truth to David forcing him to lead like a leader. Israel decides to ask David to be their king again (19:10). 

David appoints Amasa army commander over Joab (19:13).  The bible doesn’t say why, but my guess it is over Absalom’s death.

David crosses the Jordan and is greeted warmly.   Shimei in particular is very apologetic (see 2 Sam 16:5-13) as he should be, and David elects to spare his life (19:23).

Ziba’s deceit is corrected when David meets with Mephibosheth, although David only returns half his land. Mephibosheth is just happy to have David back(19:30). 

Our chapter closes with arguments among the tribes…. It is time for some leadership,  King David. And, how is your leadership in your realm? Are you a good steward of your time, relationships and finances? Things can get messy if you don’t lead with intent. 


2 Samuel 17

Read 2 Samuel 17 – “Many are the plans of a persons heart, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail.” Proverbs 19:21 

Ahithrophel presents a military strike against David using just 12,000 men – hit David only, now, while he is weary and discouraged.  He (Ahithrophel) seeks the support of Hushai.  Remember Hushai is a double agent, sent to frustrated and counter Ahithophel’s advice (2 Sam 15:34). 

Hushai stirs up fear, calling David and his men mighty warriors, enraged as a mama bear robbed of her cubs.  He recommends Absalom use the entire army, buying time.  He says Absalom should lead the troops, appealing to his ego.  And that David and his men be annihilated, fanning the flames of power. 

Absalom is sold, stating that Hushai’s plan is better, even though it wasn’t.  Did you catch why in 17:14?  Yes, because the LORD determined to bring disaster on Absalom. 

Hushai warns David, excitement unfolds, and David crosses the Jordan with all his people.  Ahithophel knows what this means, sets his house in order and kills himself.  David arrives at Mahanaim to a warm greeting and provisions. 

Beloved, when life seems utter chaos, God is still in control, causing all things to work for your good and his  glory.