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1 Kings Reflections

Reflect on 1 Kings – Praise the Lord!  You have just finished the book of 1 Kings. What did you learn? Who did you meet? Let’s look back at: 

DAVID, a man after God’s own heart, his life concluded in 1 Kings, yet his legacy continues through the generations.

SOLOMON, who started strong, seeking wisdom above all else, yet finished poorly,  being led astray by the company he kept. 

REHOBOAM and AHAB revealed the importance of heeding wise counsel, and that evil will be dealt with. 

ELIJAH the prophet showed us a life reliant on God, and he showed us that even those closest to the Lord can grow weary… the Lord will meet you in even the darkest of emotions.  Look for his comfort and rescue. What else did you receive? 

Tomorrow we will move to the New Testament with the book of John.   It is the 4th book of the NT, between Luke and Acts. But for today, may gratitude and quiet reflection fill your study time.  BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. I WILL BE EXALTED AMONG THE NATIONS, I WILL BE EXALTED IN ALL THE EARTH. Psalm 46:10

Daily Word

1 Kings 22

Read 1 Kings 22 – A common purpose unites Israel and Judah.    Meet Jehoshaphat, the son of Asa, king of Judah (the south).  He was a king who did what was pleasing to the Lord(22:43).  He was visiting King Ahab(north) during a time of peace with Aram.  Ahab proposed they reclaim a city from Aram.  Jehoshaphat is agreeable, providing they find out what the Lord says.  The prophets are summoned and are in favor, yet none of the 400 prophets are from the Lord. Jehoshaphat has godly discernment to point this out.

Ahab doesn’t like the prophet of the Lord, Micaiah, because he gives bad news. This time is no exception, as he says Ahab will die if he goes into this battle. Ahab is arrogant to go to battle anyway, yet cowardly by disguising his royalty. But the Lord’s purpose prevails and you have to read it for yourself! 


Daily Word

1 Kings 21

Read 1 Kings 21 – Wicked/weak, wicked/strong, wicked/subservient… There are many ways to take part in wickedness. 

Ahab was wicked-weak.  He pouted when he didn’t get what he wanted; he was a whiny child to his wife, and he let her use his name/seal to get what he wanted(21:4-8). 

Jezebel was wicked-strong.  She made a plot for evil against an innocent man.  She brought others into her ploy to make the taking of Naboth’s vineyard seem justified.  She used her weak husbands name to carry out her vile plan(21:8-10). 

The elders were wicked-subservient.  They carried out the orders without hesitation or question(21:11).  Sometimes we must take a stand when those in authority over us are demanding what is a crime against God. 

The Lord sent Elijah to confront Ahab.  For believers, the Holy Spirit confronts us directly in our hearts. This chapter begs us to look at those who influence us and those we influence.  Both should lead us to god-honoring lives of integrity.  “We should help others do what is right and build them up in the Lord.”  Romans 15:2

Daily Word

1 Kings 20

Read 1 Kings 20 – Oh!  The Lord’s great love is immeasurable – King Ahab of Israel is in some hot water when threatened by King Ben-hadad of Aram.  His first inclination is to concede his wives, children, gold and silver (20:4), but then King Ben-hadad asks for even more, and Ahab gets oddly courageous.  Remember, he is a wicked king, not walking with the Lord.  Yet, after he takes his stand, a prophet of the Lord tells him the Lord will give him victory – stating, “Then you will know that I am the Lord.” The battle is won, and the prophet tells Ahab to prepare because another is coming in the spring.  In that battle, the Bible says the Israelite army looked like two little flocks of goats compared to the vast Aramean forces.  Yet, again the Lord will secure their victory so that they know God is the Lord (20:27-28).  Beloved, God will go to incredible lengths to make Himself known to you.  Romans 5:8 assures, “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”  If you are walking in arrogance like King Ahab, thinking your sin is either unforgivable or no big deal, let today be the day you turn to Jesus.  His arms are open wide.

Daily Word

1 Kings 19

Read 1 Kings 19 – Sometimes after great spiritual victory, a person may feel depleted. That is how Elijah feels by Jezebel’s threat. He fears and flees to the wilderness. He asks God to take his life. An angel of the Lord meets Elijah in his emptiness with bread and water, a little more rest, then more nourishment. The Lord speaks with Elijah, hearing his fears. God brings wind, earthquake, fire, yet He is not in any of those. He whispers and that draws Elijah from the cave. The Lord is so personal, he permits Elijah a period of solitude then meets the prophet with an assignment. Beloved, when disaster is everywhere and you are depleted, listen for the whisper. Be still and listen. 👂🌪⛈🙏🏻⛈🌪👂

Daily Word

1 Kings 18

Read 1 Kings 18 – The supernatural continues, but this time with a sense of humor!  Wasn’t this a great chapter?  The region is in its third year of drought when the Lord tells Elijah to present himself to King Ahab.  He meets Obadiah (he was in charge of the palace, yet still a true servant of God – 18:3), and instructs him to tell Ahab.  King Ahab meets Elijah and a show-down is arranged… one just never knows what the Lord is going to come up with next!  All the prophets of Baal and Asherah who were supported by Jezebel (900 prophets – 18:19) bring forth two bulls – one to be offered to their god on an altar of wood, the other by Elijah.  Whichever god/God sets fire to the altar wins.  Were you giggling as you pictured what God’s Word said?  It is quite funny, “Perhaps your god is daydreaming or relieving himself,” Elijah suggested, 18:27.  I love this – and could retell it, but it is always best when you read it for yourself, and as you do, hold on to the fact that our God is amazing.  The same God that brought fire to the altar, and rain to the parched land also sent Jesus for your rescue.  He is with you and for you always.

Daily Word

1 Kings 16

Read 1 King’s 16 – Asa’s rule (Judah/south) serves as a timeline as the kings of Israel (north) fluctuate.  Although all of the kings of Israel did evil in the eyes of the LORD, we are told two, Omri and Ahab, were worse than all the others (16:25,30).  Israel (north) was even divided by civil war at one point between Omri and Tibni, although that was short lived as Omri’s supporters killed Tibni(16:22).  Omri’s son, Ahab, succeeds him and marries Jezebel – by worldly standards this was a good political move.  By godly standards, this would prove to be an utter abomination, ushering in Baal worship and more.  Lastly, the prophecy of Joshua 6:26 is fulfilled when Hiel rebuilds Jericho.  This should have been a wake up call for Ahab to repent, but he did not heed it.  You may drift off course, may your heart be quickened to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  The Lord always provides a way out(1Cor10:13).🤦‍♂️🤴🙅‍♂️☝️🙅‍♀️👸🤦‍♀️

Daily Word

1 Kings 15

Read 1 Kings 15 – remember flow charts?   It might be time for one as this chapter covers 4 kings, 2 from Israel,  the north – and 2 from Judah,  the south. You can get a more complete picture by reading 2 Chronicles 13-17, or you can simply pray for the Lord to highlight a verse to concentrate on.   

I’m a simple girl and choose the ladder approach. ASA DID WHAT WAS PLEASING IN THE LORD’S SIGHT, AS HIS ANCESTOR  DAVID HAD DONE. (15:11) Asa had poor examples of leadership in his grandparents and father,  yet he took a stand against  corruption,  and cleaned things up.  Know that nothing defines you, apart from who you are in Christ Jesus.   Whether your parents or past were blessings or challenges, it is your responsibility to lead a life that is pleasing in the Lord’s sight. Beloved, stay in the Word. The Lord has treasure and wisdom for you on every page. 🌄☝️🤗📖🤗☝️🌄

Daily Word

1 Kings 14

Read 1 Kings 14 – No matter who is king, God Almighty is on the throne.

I love the Lord’s relationship with Ahijah the prophet. It is so clear. The Lord simply speaks to him (14:5). Mrs. Jeroboam (North) gets the brutal truth that her husband made the LORD furious (14:9), and their dynasty will receive His wrath… my NLT bible says the Lord will burn it up like TRASH, the ESV says LIKE DUNG – either way God has had it (14:10-11)!

Meanwhile, Rehoboam (South) also made a detestable mess of things, like permitting Asherah poles, pagan shrines and prostitutes. There was constant war between Rehoboam and Jeroboam.

This all seems outrageous, yet the Lord permits freewill. Where does your heart lead you? Deep down, what does the Lord see? Psalm 139:23 SEARCH ME, O GOD, AND KNOW MY HEART! TRY ME AND KNOW MY THOUGHTS! 🔥☝️❤🙏🏻🔥

Daily Word

1 Kings 13

Read 1 Kings 13 – Drama unfolds –

King Jeroboam of the 10 northern tribes, receives unfavorable news from a prophet.  His solution is to point at the prophet, shouting, “Seize that man!”  The Lord instantly caused his hand to be paralyzed in the pointing position.  He could not pull it back, as the altar cracked and ashes spewed out… just as the prophet declared (13:1-5).  Jeroboam pleads for his hand, the prophet prays, and the Lord restores it. 

Jeroboam wants to give the prophet a gift and a nice meal, but the prophet was instructed by the Lord not eat or drink anything in Israel. 

On his way back to Judah, an older prophet meets him and offers him food and drink.  The old prophet assures the young prophet that an angel of the Lord told him to do this – BUT HE WAS LYING!!! (13:18) A lying prophet – lying to another prophet – what terrible times…

We will face terrible times, it will be hard to know who to trust.  That is why we must each train ourselves to discern the Lords voice, reading the bible as we are, being rooted in church, and praying without ceasing… dig deeper with John 3:16, John 14:6, Ephesians 6:10-18 and 1 Thessalonians 5:16-22.