Daily Word

1 Kings 19

Read 1 Kings 19 – Sometimes after great spiritual victory, a person may feel depleted. That is how Elijah feels by Jezebel’s threat. He fears and flees to the wilderness. He asks God to take his life. An angel of the Lord meets Elijah in his emptiness with bread and water, a little more rest, then more nourishment. The Lord speaks with Elijah, hearing his fears. God brings wind, earthquake, fire, yet He is not in any of those. He whispers and that draws Elijah from the cave. The Lord is so personal, he permits Elijah a period of solitude then meets the prophet with an assignment. Beloved, when disaster is everywhere and you are depleted, listen for the whisper. Be still and listen. 👂🌪⛈🙏🏻⛈🌪👂