Daily Word

Mark 9

Reflections on Mark 9 – Wow!  Jesus gives us a glimpse of himself as he truly is – radiant and in the company of Elijah and Moses (two of the old testament heroes) .  

Peter, James and John were witnesses to His transfiguration. Sweet Peter didn’t know what to say; it seems like he just wanted to seem useful without understanding how when he offered to build shelters.  And then God’s voice is heard from the cloud,  “This is my beloved Son; listen to him. ” And then the moment was over as Jesus stood with Peter, James and John,  instructing them to stay quiet about these events until He had risen from the dead.

Beloved, can you imagine? Do you imagine?   I encourage you to do so. 

Next,  Jesus heals the boy with the unclean spirit.   The boy’s father asked Jesus to heal his son, and adds ‘if you can’:23.  Jesus calls him out on this to which he responds,  ‘I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief!’ :24.  Isn’t that an encouragement?   I have something I’ve prayed for a very long time, and there is a measure of unbelief,  but Jesus,  I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!  How about you,  Beloved? 

There’s more treasure to uncover.   What spoke to you most in Mark 9? I would love to hear from you. 

Now,  on to Mark 10!

Daily Word

1 Kings 21

Read 1 Kings 21 – Wicked/weak, wicked/strong, wicked/subservient… There are many ways to take part in wickedness. 

Ahab was wicked-weak.  He pouted when he didn’t get what he wanted; he was a whiny child to his wife, and he let her use his name/seal to get what he wanted(21:4-8). 

Jezebel was wicked-strong.  She made a plot for evil against an innocent man.  She brought others into her ploy to make the taking of Naboth’s vineyard seem justified.  She used her weak husbands name to carry out her vile plan(21:8-10). 

The elders were wicked-subservient.  They carried out the orders without hesitation or question(21:11).  Sometimes we must take a stand when those in authority over us are demanding what is a crime against God. 

The Lord sent Elijah to confront Ahab.  For believers, the Holy Spirit confronts us directly in our hearts. This chapter begs us to look at those who influence us and those we influence.  Both should lead us to god-honoring lives of integrity.  “We should help others do what is right and build them up in the Lord.”  Romans 15:2

Daily Word

1 Kings 19

Read 1 Kings 19 – Sometimes after great spiritual victory, a person may feel depleted. That is how Elijah feels by Jezebel’s threat. He fears and flees to the wilderness. He asks God to take his life. An angel of the Lord meets Elijah in his emptiness with bread and water, a little more rest, then more nourishment. The Lord speaks with Elijah, hearing his fears. God brings wind, earthquake, fire, yet He is not in any of those. He whispers and that draws Elijah from the cave. The Lord is so personal, he permits Elijah a period of solitude then meets the prophet with an assignment. Beloved, when disaster is everywhere and you are depleted, listen for the whisper. Be still and listen. 👂🌪⛈🙏🏻⛈🌪👂

Daily Word

1 Kings 18

Read 1 Kings 18 – The supernatural continues, but this time with a sense of humor!  Wasn’t this a great chapter?  The region is in its third year of drought when the Lord tells Elijah to present himself to King Ahab.  He meets Obadiah (he was in charge of the palace, yet still a true servant of God – 18:3), and instructs him to tell Ahab.  King Ahab meets Elijah and a show-down is arranged… one just never knows what the Lord is going to come up with next!  All the prophets of Baal and Asherah who were supported by Jezebel (900 prophets – 18:19) bring forth two bulls – one to be offered to their god on an altar of wood, the other by Elijah.  Whichever god/God sets fire to the altar wins.  Were you giggling as you pictured what God’s Word said?  It is quite funny, “Perhaps your god is daydreaming or relieving himself,” Elijah suggested, 18:27.  I love this – and could retell it, but it is always best when you read it for yourself, and as you do, hold on to the fact that our God is amazing.  The same God that brought fire to the altar, and rain to the parched land also sent Jesus for your rescue.  He is with you and for you always.