Deuteronomy 26

Read Deuteronomy 26 – Presenting tithes and offerings to the LORD.  “When you enter the land the LORD your God is giving you as a special possession and you have conquered it and settled there, put some of the first produce from each crop you harvest into a basket and bring it to the designated… Continue reading Deuteronomy 26

Deuteronomy 25

Read Deuteronomy 25 – Crime and punishment – It was a big deal and punishment was carried out immediately.  If the crime merited a beating, a limit of 40 lashes was imposed as more than that would humiliate the neighbor. (:3)  In the New Testament, the Jews restricted such beatings to 39 lashes to be… Continue reading Deuteronomy 25

Deuteronomy 24

Read Deuteronomy 24 – Divorce, marriage and integrity – I can’t help but wonder how it pained the LORD to address divorce. That was not his intention for the marriage union, but he knows our hearts, so he gave the concession of divorce. Verse :5 is quite incredible. The first year of marriage was committed… Continue reading Deuteronomy 24

Deuteronomy 23

Read Deuteronomy 23 – Why yes, I am blushing – I feel as if the LORD just had “the talk” with me.  You know, the talk one’s parents have when a child is on the cusp of puberty. So, let’s TALK.   “If a man’s testicles are crushed or his penis is cut off, he may… Continue reading Deuteronomy 23

Deuteronomy 22

Read Deuteronomy 22 – Kindness and purity – Our chapter contains several, seemingly random, laws to set the Israelites apart as God’s people.  In verse :1 a person might be inclined to say, “finders keepers” if a neighbor’s animal wanders onto his land, while God instructs kindness and integrity.  In verse :4 we see this… Continue reading Deuteronomy 22

Deuteronomy 21

Read Deuteronomy 21 – My oh my, am I ever glad I did not live in the ancient world! Order was established for unsolved murders. The nearest town would have to make every effort to solve the crime, but if it remained unsolvable, they were to make atonement publically and before the LORD. The LORD… Continue reading Deuteronomy 21

Deuteronomy 20

Read Deuteronomy 20 – Rules of war – If I were in charge of a war (it’s not likely) I would want every conceivable person on my side.  I would want a large army to show up and stand with me.  But God’s ways are not my ways, and God only wants those pure in… Continue reading Deuteronomy 20

Deuteronomy 19

Read Deuteronomy 19 – Refuge and justice – the LORD established a system of justice, allowing for accidents, with cities of refuge.    The thing that stands out to me about these cities is that one had to take personal responsibility for the death of another, even if it happened by accident without any malice.  Scripture… Continue reading Deuteronomy 19

Deuteronomy 18

Read Deuteronomy 18 – Gifts, bad neighbors and liars – The Lord set the Levites aside as priests and he detailed the portions of the offerings that they could claim. It should be a joy to give to the Lord, and a pleasure to see the priests well taken care of. The Lord even made… Continue reading Deuteronomy 18

Deuteronomy 17

Read Deuteronomy 17 – Courts and kings –  The LORD outlines how justice is to be decided in :2-13.  It must be on the testimony of more than one witness and if it is too hard to decide in the local court they were to take it to the place the LORD would choose. (:8)… Continue reading Deuteronomy 17


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