Matthew 17:1-13

Read Matthew 17:1-13 – We begin with a great big WOW!  Jesus takes Peter, James and John the brother of James up a high mountain and is transfigured before them.  What an incredible thing for Jesus to share with them.  “His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light. … Continue reading Matthew 17:1-13

Matthew 17

Read Matthew 17 – When Grandpa Bob and I would go on errands in his old pick up truck, he would say,  “Whoa Nelly,  whoa…” when he was breaking. As a little girl I thought it was amazing that he could talk his truck into stopping.  We are covering a lot of amazing things right… Continue reading Matthew 17

Matthew 16

Read Matthew 16 – I had a hard time knowing what to say about today’s passage and was reminded that the important part is to keep going. The Holy Spirit will bring these words to light according to his plan and purpose. My job is to simply keep showing up and keep pressing on. Maybe… Continue reading Matthew 16

Matthew 15

Read Mathew 15 – Jesus,  Jesus,  Jesus…. What a wonderful name. Today, we get to walking with him on the lakeshore…. We get to watch as he takes no bologna off the Pharisees over hand washing, and teaching us what he meant in the exchange. (:1-9) Jesus gave them (us) courage to offend the Pharisees… Continue reading Matthew 15

Matthew 14

Read Mathew 14 – Pride and compassion. Our chapter begins with Herod in torment of a guilty conscience over his order to behead John the Baptist. I get quesy, heartbroken and outraged when I read what transpired. I wonder if my emotions are like Jesus’s: “Now when Jesus heard this, he withdrew from there in… Continue reading Matthew 14

Matthew 13

Read Matthew 13 – Fresh fish today! I like parables. I like it when a picture is painted with words to illustrate a truth. I have grown immensely from each of these parables, but today, the Holy Spirit is drawing my heart closest to The Parable of the Net. “Once again, the kingdom of heaven… Continue reading Matthew 13

Matthew 12

Read Matthew 12 – Legalism in practice is the craziest thing. My husband and I traveled to Israel in 2019 and had a peek at life under the law. As travelers, we stayed in very nice hotels, but on the Sabbath odd things happened. One of the strangest things to me was the elevator. It… Continue reading Matthew 12

Matthew 11

Read Matthew 11 – Love is a battlefield – the fight for souls is a battlefield – God Almighty longs for us so much that he sent Jesus into our fallen world to live a sinless life, die on the Cross and be resurrected for our atonement; Jesus is our Salvation. His very life paid… Continue reading Matthew 11

Matthew 10

Read Matthew 10 – Something big is happening. Yes, it is time to get to work. The twelve apostles have been present in Jesus’s ministry, watching him calm waves, heal the sick and lame, and raise the dead to life. They heard him teach with wisdom and authority far beyond anyone else. And now Jesus… Continue reading Matthew 10

Matthew 9

Read Matthew 9 – How do you see yourself and where does Jesus fit in? We meet all kinds of people with all kinds of issues in our chapter. Is there one that speaks to you above the others? Perhaps it is the paralytic man carried by his friends, all with faith that Jesus could… Continue reading Matthew 9


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