Daily Word

1 Kings 21

Read 1 Kings 21 – Wicked/weak, wicked/strong, wicked/subservient… There are many ways to take part in wickedness. 

Ahab was wicked-weak.  He pouted when he didn’t get what he wanted; he was a whiny child to his wife, and he let her use his name/seal to get what he wanted(21:4-8). 

Jezebel was wicked-strong.  She made a plot for evil against an innocent man.  She brought others into her ploy to make the taking of Naboth’s vineyard seem justified.  She used her weak husbands name to carry out her vile plan(21:8-10). 

The elders were wicked-subservient.  They carried out the orders without hesitation or question(21:11).  Sometimes we must take a stand when those in authority over us are demanding what is a crime against God. 

The Lord sent Elijah to confront Ahab.  For believers, the Holy Spirit confronts us directly in our hearts. This chapter begs us to look at those who influence us and those we influence.  Both should lead us to god-honoring lives of integrity.  “We should help others do what is right and build them up in the Lord.”  Romans 15:2

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