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1 Kings 20

Read 1 Kings 20 – Oh!  The Lord’s great love is immeasurable – King Ahab of Israel is in some hot water when threatened by King Ben-hadad of Aram.  His first inclination is to concede his wives, children, gold and silver (20:4), but then King Ben-hadad asks for even more, and Ahab gets oddly courageous.  Remember, he is a wicked king, not walking with the Lord.  Yet, after he takes his stand, a prophet of the Lord tells him the Lord will give him victory – stating, “Then you will know that I am the Lord.” The battle is won, and the prophet tells Ahab to prepare because another is coming in the spring.  In that battle, the Bible says the Israelite army looked like two little flocks of goats compared to the vast Aramean forces.  Yet, again the Lord will secure their victory so that they know God is the Lord (20:27-28).  Beloved, God will go to incredible lengths to make Himself known to you.  Romans 5:8 assures, “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”  If you are walking in arrogance like King Ahab, thinking your sin is either unforgivable or no big deal, let today be the day you turn to Jesus.  His arms are open wide.

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