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1 Kings Reflections

Reflect on 1 Kings – Praise the Lord!  You have just finished the book of 1 Kings. What did you learn? Who did you meet? Let’s look back at: 

DAVID, a man after God’s own heart, his life concluded in 1 Kings, yet his legacy continues through the generations.

SOLOMON, who started strong, seeking wisdom above all else, yet finished poorly,  being led astray by the company he kept. 

REHOBOAM and AHAB revealed the importance of heeding wise counsel, and that evil will be dealt with. 

ELIJAH the prophet showed us a life reliant on God, and he showed us that even those closest to the Lord can grow weary… the Lord will meet you in even the darkest of emotions.  Look for his comfort and rescue. What else did you receive? 

Tomorrow we will move to the New Testament with the book of John.   It is the 4th book of the NT, between Luke and Acts. But for today, may gratitude and quiet reflection fill your study time.  BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. I WILL BE EXALTED AMONG THE NATIONS, I WILL BE EXALTED IN ALL THE EARTH. Psalm 46:10

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