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1 Kings Reflections

Reflect on 1 Kings – Praise the Lord!  You have just finished the book of 1 Kings. What did you learn? Who did you meet? Let’s look back at: 

DAVID, a man after God’s own heart, his life concluded in 1 Kings, yet his legacy continues through the generations.

SOLOMON, who started strong, seeking wisdom above all else, yet finished poorly,  being led astray by the company he kept. 

REHOBOAM and AHAB revealed the importance of heeding wise counsel, and that evil will be dealt with. 

ELIJAH the prophet showed us a life reliant on God, and he showed us that even those closest to the Lord can grow weary… the Lord will meet you in even the darkest of emotions.  Look for his comfort and rescue. What else did you receive? 

Tomorrow we will move to the New Testament with the book of John.   It is the 4th book of the NT, between Luke and Acts. But for today, may gratitude and quiet reflection fill your study time.  BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. I WILL BE EXALTED AMONG THE NATIONS, I WILL BE EXALTED IN ALL THE EARTH. Psalm 46:10

Daily Word

1 Kings 12

Read 1 Kings 12 – It’s getting complicated… then again, it always does when one strays from the LORD. Solomon’s sin opened the door to discipline that would ripple for hundreds of years. Rehoboam, Solomon’s only son the bible records, wisely seeks advice from his father’s counselors, but then foolishly rejects it. He turns to his peers for advice and hears what his ego was looking for. Maybe you have rejected your parents or grandparents advice, and gone your own way. It might have felt empowering at the time, but hindsight proved otherwise. The prophecy of Ahijah(1Kings11:29-39) is fulfilled, according to God’s will, remember, even when things seem messy, God is still in control(12:15). Moving forward, “Israel” refers to the 10 tribes of the North. “Judah” refers to southern tribes of Benjamin and Judah. Hang on to your hats!☝️☝️☝️👑☝️☝️☝️

Daily Word

1 Kings 11

Read 1 Kings 11 – Oh boy – God gave guidelines for the kings of Israel long before there were kings.  Are you ready to dig a little?  Deuteronomy 17:14-20 (the 5th book in the bible) outlines what a king should and should not do – and Solomon blew through all of it.  He had such favor – he had such wisdom – and he messed it all up!  THE KING MUST NOT TAKE MANY WIVES FOR HIMSELF, BECAUSE THEY WILL TURN HIS HEART AWAY FROM THE LORD.  Deut.17:17 (1Kings 11:2 recalled this)  Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines, and sure enough, he starts building shrines for the detestable gods of his wives.  The Lord was very angry with Solomon (11:9) and punishment is served (11:29-39).  Israel will be divided, 10 tribes to the north and 2 to the south, a remnant of the Lord’s promise to David.  Privilege is dangerous, one can easily think they don’t need God.  But the Lord is a jealous God (see Exodus 20:5), and He doesn’t miss a thing.☝️🙏🏻🙌

Daily Word

1 Kings 10

Read 1 Kings 10 – Be fascinated by the Queen of Sheba. Who was this powerful woman who traveled across the desert with an entourage, spices, gifts, and gold? One speculation said the journey took 3 years. 

There were many belief systems and pagan religions where she came from, yet she was seeking truth.   She made that great journey because of the rumors she heard about King Solomon.

Look at all there is to discover in 10:7-9.  Solomon was even greater in wisdom and wealth than the rumors, his people were surely happy. And the Queen recognized that this was the Lord’s doing.

Beloved,  may your reputation go before you, reflecting the Lord’s favor and love,  as you seek Him everyday.  May your heart long for the truth and wisdom found only in Jesus.💖🙏🏻🙌👑📖🤓💖

Daily Word

1 Kings 9

Read 1 Kings 9 – The Lord appeared a second time – Beloved, we have the Holy Spirit residing in us.  In the New Testament, we are encouraged to come boldly to the throne of grace (Hebrews 4:16), but in the Old Testament, it was a rare and blessed occasion for the Lord to speak to people/prophets.  The Lord makes a conditional promise to establish Solomons throne of dynasty forever (9:5), providing he and his descendants not abandon or disobey the Lord (5:6-7).  Free-will can be such a dangerous thing, guard yours with integrity.  Next, we get a peek into Solomon’s relationship with his father-in-law, King Hiram.  I am under the impression that King Hiram liked King Solomon… vs 9:10-14 says Solomon gave 20 towns to Hiram for his support of lumber, which Hiram called worthless, yet paid Solomon 9,000 pounds of gold ($238,269,938 as of 9/3/2021).  Hiram also sent experienced sailors to assist Solomon with his fleet of ships(9:27).

Daily Word

1 Kings 8

Read 1 Kings 8 – Dedicating the Temple – This was a grand celebration.  King Solomon sacrificed abundantly before bringing the Ark of the Lord’s Covenant into the temple(8:5).  And when it was finally in its resting place, beneath the wings of the cherubim in the Most Holy Place, the temple filled with smoke(8:11).  Wow!  God was with them, filling the Temple with His own purifying presence.   Solomon prays, with rich acknowledgment of God, earnest petitions, and he asked for the desire to do God’s will in everything(8:58).  Desire is key to self-control, with God – or lack of self-control, without God.  Where does your desire lead you?  Submit it to the Lord.  The prayer was followed by offerings (8:64), and concluded with the Festival of Shelters in the presence of the Lord, and the people went to their homes joyful.  Beloved, may you be keenly aware to walk in the presence of the Lord, and may your joy spill onto everyone around you.

Daily Word

1 Kings 7

Read 1 Kings 7 – Solomon builds his house, and it is so opulent that no matter how many times I read it, I can’t quite wrap my head around it.  But God, by divine coincidence,  has me staying at a gorgeous hotel in Mexico today. There is a great pool at the entrance making me think of the Sea of Glass (no bronze oxen though), yet still, it invites one into the presence of opulence.   The lobby is a decadent combination of lofty wood beams and cut stone. Isn’t that just like the Lord to bring His Word to life?   I overlooked these details yesterday, but now I feel awe.  The decadence and details of chapter 7 serve as a tangible reminder of how great God is.   Will you seek something today that draws you into awe of how Great your Heavenly Father is?   May Jesus surprise you in a way you may have missed – like He did for me. 💖🙌🕍👀🐃🙌💖

Daily Word

1 Kings 6

Read 1 Kings 6 – Solomon builds the Temple for God.  This Temple was for God.  Only the priests were permitted in, and only the High Priest would be allowed in the inner sanctuary – that 30×30 room where the Ark of the LORD’s Covenant would reside.  Notice the reverence by which the stones were hewn(6:7).  They were finished at the quarry, so that no sound of hammer, ax or other iron tool was at the building site.  Do you see yourself in those stones?  We are sanctified day by day, here on earth, outside of heaven, chipped and shaped according to God’s purpose for us.  One day we will be with the LORD in heaven, overlaid in Jesus Christ. Beloved, you may feel unseen in the day to day, yet hold on to the truth that you are being prepared for eternity where you will fit perfectly according to God’s plan and purpose.💖⚒🏠

Daily Word

1 Kings 5

Read 1 Kings 5 – Look at the great things that can be accomplished through a friendly and mutually beneficial alliance. King Solomon is beginning to gather materials for the Lord’s Temple. Notice the flattery he uses when asking for King Hiram’s cedar(5:6). When people sense you have a clear mission and appreciate them, they tend to want to help in your endeavors. We all like to be a part of great things. How can you invite others in as you set out to accomplish the things Jesus lays on your heart? 💓🙋‍♀️🤝🙋‍♂️💓


1 Kings 4

Read 1 Kings 4 – The order is noteworthy.     Solomon is wise,  yet he does not try to do it all.   Wisdom says delegate.   Wisdom says we are better together. Verse 20 encouraged me.   We are in the most turmoil I can ever recall, but praise Jesus, I am content with plenty to eat and drink…. it really is that simple, especially when trouble is all around… grab hold of  Philippians 4:8 FINALLY, BROTHERS AND SISTERS, WHATEVER IS TRUE, WHATEVER IS NOBLE, WHATEVER IS RIGHT, WHATEVER IS PURE, WHATEVER IS LOVELY, WHATEVER IS ADMIRABLE – IF ANYTHING IS EXCELLENT OR PRAISEWORTHY – THINK ABOUT SUCH THINGS. 💖🙏🏻📖☝️📖🙏🏻💖