Daily Word

1 Kings 12

Read 1 Kings 12 – It’s getting complicated… then again, it always does when one strays from the LORD. Solomon’s sin opened the door to discipline that would ripple for hundreds of years. Rehoboam, Solomon’s only son the bible records, wisely seeks advice from his father’s counselors, but then foolishly rejects it. He turns to his peers for advice and hears what his ego was looking for. Maybe you have rejected your parents or grandparents advice, and gone your own way. It might have felt empowering at the time, but hindsight proved otherwise. The prophecy of Ahijah(1Kings11:29-39) is fulfilled, according to God’s will, remember, even when things seem messy, God is still in control(12:15). Moving forward, “Israel” refers to the 10 tribes of the North. “Judah” refers to southern tribes of Benjamin and Judah. Hang on to your hats!☝️☝️☝️👑☝️☝️☝️

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