Daily Word

1 Kings 7

Read 1 Kings 7 – Solomon builds his house, and it is so opulent that no matter how many times I read it, I can’t quite wrap my head around it.  But God, by divine coincidence,  has me staying at a gorgeous hotel in Mexico today. There is a great pool at the entrance making me think of the Sea of Glass (no bronze oxen though), yet still, it invites one into the presence of opulence.   The lobby is a decadent combination of lofty wood beams and cut stone. Isn’t that just like the Lord to bring His Word to life?   I overlooked these details yesterday, but now I feel awe.  The decadence and details of chapter 7 serve as a tangible reminder of how great God is.   Will you seek something today that draws you into awe of how Great your Heavenly Father is?   May Jesus surprise you in a way you may have missed – like He did for me. 💖🙌🕍👀🐃🙌💖

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