Daily Word

1 Kings 6

Read 1 Kings 6 – Solomon builds the Temple for God.  This Temple was for God.  Only the priests were permitted in, and only the High Priest would be allowed in the inner sanctuary – that 30×30 room where the Ark of the LORD’s Covenant would reside.  Notice the reverence by which the stones were hewn(6:7).  They were finished at the quarry, so that no sound of hammer, ax or other iron tool was at the building site.  Do you see yourself in those stones?  We are sanctified day by day, here on earth, outside of heaven, chipped and shaped according to God’s purpose for us.  One day we will be with the LORD in heaven, overlaid in Jesus Christ. Beloved, you may feel unseen in the day to day, yet hold on to the truth that you are being prepared for eternity where you will fit perfectly according to God’s plan and purpose.💖⚒🏠

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