Daily Word

1 Kings 5

Read 1 Kings 5 – Look at the great things that can be accomplished through a friendly and mutually beneficial alliance. King Solomon is beginning to gather materials for the Lord’s Temple. Notice the flattery he uses when asking for King Hiram’s cedar(5:6). When people sense you have a clear mission and appreciate them, they tend to want to help in your endeavors. We all like to be a part of great things. How can you invite others in as you set out to accomplish the things Jesus lays on your heart? 💓🙋‍♀️🤝🙋‍♂️💓


1 Kings 2:1-12

Read 1 Kings 2:1-12 – Part one of two… or maybe three.

We are privileged to have an account of King David’s last words, his legacy is handed to his son, the newly appointed King Solomon, who will be known as the wisest man to have ever lived.  These are words we do not want to rush through.  

“I am going where everyone on earth must someday go.  Take courage and be a man.” David prepares Solomon(2:2) and my heart translates:  Let me go – carry your own torch.  Grief can redefine a person.  Do not hold so tightly to those who have passed on before you that you miss out on leading your own life.  

David charges Solomon to adhere to God’s laws, and gives him a few practical matters regarding people who must be dealt with:  Joab (2 Samuel 3) and Shimei (2 Samuel 16) for treachery – and Barzillai for kindness(2 Samuel 19).  King David dies and is buried with his ancestors in the City of David.  

I just need a moment, how about you?  We have walked alongside this lowly shepherd, who killed lions and bears, and was chosen by God Almighty.  David, who slayed the giant, Goliath the Philistine, who waited patiently for King Saul to die, though he spent great effort hunting David and wanting him dead.  David, who would lead Israel through turmoil, who would sin and repent… King David, the man after God’s own heart has completed his time on earth.


1 Kings 1

Read 1 Kings 1 – We are rejoining the great King David today.  

David is in the sunset years, old, but still king and capable of calling the shots.  His son, Adonijah, overrides his father’s position and makes himself the self appointed king… Just as his brother, Absalom, attempted in 2 Samuel 15.  

We get some insight into this audacious behavior as we learn that David never disciplined his son(1:6).  Dads – you matter so much!  Your presence in you little children’s lives will affect them for all of theirs – for better or worse.  

Nathan… remember Nathan?  He was the prophet who confronted David on his sin with Bathsheba (2 Sam 12).  He now teams with Bathsheba to remind David of his vow to make Solomon the next king.  David makes Solomon king, he is anointed, the rams horn is blown, and Solomon takes the throne.  Adonijah’s ruse is fully exposed, his guest flee the banquet, and he pleads with King Solomon not to kill him.  

Life is busy!  Good things and not so good things are happening all around us. David declared, “As surely as the Lord lives, who has rescued me from every danger,”(1:29).  Beloved, may you look in your past and see God’s rescue throughout, and use that to light the way into your fearless future.

Daily Word

Read 2 Samuel 14

Read 2 Samuel 14 – These people did strange things. 

Joab arranges a ruse, much like the one Nathan used when confronting King David in 2 Sam 12… asking the wise woman from Tekoa to dress as if in mourning and present his script to David.  As she is revealing her true intent, she says something incredible in 14:14  “All of us must die eventually.  Our lives are like water spilled out on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again.  But God does not just sweep life away; instead, he devises ways to bring us back when we have been separated from him.”  She makes the point; it has a bit of a comical flare when the King asks her if Joab put her up to it (14:19).  Absalom returns on the condition he cannot come into the presence of the king. 

Verse 14:30 made me laugh, yet it worked, and our chapter ends with reconciliation.   Reconciliation is what God longs for; Jesus lived, was tested and sinless, bled, died and rose again that we might be reconciled to God – we only have to make the free-will choice to receive Salvation. 😊🤴🕊


2 Samuel 11

Read 2 Samuel 11 – Success must be guarded.   The ego is a dangerous liar of a friend.   From the first verse we see King David making ego driven choices.  Why didn’t David go to war,  as king’s normally did in the spring (11:1)?  Why did he glance at the women’s bath?   Why didn’t he look away at the sight of one? His glance took her in and he inquired about her(11:2-3)… Let’s shift gears to Urriah.  His integrity is stellar.   He will not delight in the privilege of marriage while his men are camping in open fields(11:11)  David tried getting him drunk so he would go home,  have relations with Bathsheba, and be credited with her pregnancy.  But even drunk,  he would not do it. David has him carry the very note that conspires his death in battle.   He dies. Bathsheba mourns, then moves to the palace and marries David,  then gives birth…. And none of this happened without the Lord’s full knowledge. “The LORD was displeased with what David had done.” (11:27b) It’s horrible, but before we throw any stones,  let’s each examine our own heart. What hidden sin needs to be confessed?   Ask the LORD to search your heart today. 🛀🤰⚰🤦‍♂️


2 Samuel 9

Read 2 Samuel 9 – Did you remember to remember Mephibosheth?  We met him briefly in 2 Sam 4:4, he is the crippled son of Jonathon and living in hiding.  King David asks if there is anyone from Jonathon’s family he can show kindness to, and is told about Mephibosheth.  David summons for him, and he calls himself David’s servant, and bows low to the ground in respect (and perhaps fear – 9:6).  Being crippled meant Mephibosheth was not eligible to be king, yet David treated him with great honor, restoring all the land that had been Sauls to him and insisting that he dine with King David, like one of his own sons.  This segment shines of Jesus’s love, we are not eligible for heaven because of our sin affliction, yet Jesus made a way for us to dine at his table.  He offers us Salvation.  We become adopted into the kingdom of heaven because Jesus died, and rose again, conquering sin and death, covering and restoring us by His sacrifice… so much like Mephibosheth has been redeemed to the kings table, purely by David’s grace.


2 Samuel 4

Read 2 Samuel 4 – Flashback to the vow David made to Jonathon in 1 Sam 20:15 “ treat my family with this faithful love, even when the LORD destroys all your enemies from the face of the earth.”  Now, recall what happened in 2 Samuel 1 when the Amalekite man took credit for killing Saul, and was punished by death. 

 In Chapter 4, two of Ishbosheth’s own captains sneak into his room and kill him while he sleeps.  Ishbosheth was already defeated in spirit at the news of Abner’s death, yet they murdered him, and brought his head to David, seeking reward.  They received the same reward as the Amalekite man. 

In vs. 4:4 We are introduced to Jonathon’s lame son, Mephibosheth, but no more is said about him.  Hang on to this verse, we will learn more about him in upcoming chapters.

 David’s integrity is evidenced in Chapter 4.  He keeps his word to Jonathon, and does not approve of revenge against Saul’s family.  Can you think of a time in your life where doing the right thing was unexpected or inconvenient, yet you did it?  Integrity is a priceless virtue.


2 Samuel 2

Read 2 Samuel 2 – David was a youth tending his father’s sheep when he was first anointed king of Israel… it is now roughly 15 years later; he has been living in the land of Philistia, and he asks the Lord if he should move back.  The Lord directs David to Hebron in Judah.  Note the humility of David to pray and seek God’s will first.  He gives gratitude to those who gave Saul a proper burial, and asks for their loyalty – again, he asks and does not demand.  Meanwhile, Saul’s general, Abner, appoints Isbosheth, king of Israel… the kingdom is divided between Judah and Israel, and a civil war breaks out.  Abner (Israel’s general) retreats.  Joab (Judah’s general) chases them.  Abner asks if they are just going to keep killing one another?  Joab blows the rams horn and the fighting stops.  Civil wars are horrible, and perhaps the very worst is the civil war that rages between the Holy Spirit and our sin nature.  What area of your life is King Self still trying to rule over King Jesus?  Call the cease fire.  Surrender to Jesus’s lead of your life.🙏🏻👑☝️🏳✌👑🙏🏻


1 Samuel 29

Read 1 Samuel 29 – This is a quick chapter.   The Philistine army is marching out against Israel.  King Achish is behind the troops with David and his men (29:2).  The Philistine commanders do not trust the Hebrews and demand they go back.  The king does not agree,  but he honors the commanders and tells David to return.  David isn’t happy about this,  but he does as king Achish requests.   What do you think would have happened had David gone into battle?  When circumstances in your life don’t go as planned,  do you trust that God is still in control, and has purpose in the roadblock?   The Lord certainly had great purpose in sending David back to Ziklag…. But that’s in our next chapter.  Today has enough troubles of its own. Let’s close with Proverbs 19:21 MANY ARE THE PLANS IN A PERSON’S HEART, BUT IT IS THE LORD’S PURPOSE THAT PREVAILS. 📊📉❤☝️❤📈📊


1 Samuel 28

Read 1 Samuel 28 – David is called into service by king Achish.  He puts David over his entire security detail, as the kings personal body guard for life.  Saul learns of this impending threat, and makes one more foolish choice.  He continues rejecting the Lord.  Instead of seeking the Lord with repentance, he seeks out a medium to summon Samuel from the dead!  The medium is reluctant and then downright fearful when she realized what she had done.  Samuel is not pleased, but delivers the dismal truth. Have you ever been in trouble and looked everywhere but up? Jesus is RIGHT THERE just waiting to hear from you. ☝️🙏🏻☝️❤🙏🏻☝️🙏🏻