1 Kings 1

Read 1 Kings 1 – We are rejoining the great King David today.  

David is in the sunset years, old, but still king and capable of calling the shots.  His son, Adonijah, overrides his father’s position and makes himself the self appointed king… Just as his brother, Absalom, attempted in 2 Samuel 15.  

We get some insight into this audacious behavior as we learn that David never disciplined his son(1:6).  Dads – you matter so much!  Your presence in you little children’s lives will affect them for all of theirs – for better or worse.  

Nathan… remember Nathan?  He was the prophet who confronted David on his sin with Bathsheba (2 Sam 12).  He now teams with Bathsheba to remind David of his vow to make Solomon the next king.  David makes Solomon king, he is anointed, the rams horn is blown, and Solomon takes the throne.  Adonijah’s ruse is fully exposed, his guest flee the banquet, and he pleads with King Solomon not to kill him.  

Life is busy!  Good things and not so good things are happening all around us. David declared, “As surely as the Lord lives, who has rescued me from every danger,”(1:29).  Beloved, may you look in your past and see God’s rescue throughout, and use that to light the way into your fearless future.

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