2 Samuel 2

Read 2 Samuel 2 – David was a youth tending his father’s sheep when he was first anointed king of Israel… it is now roughly 15 years later; he has been living in the land of Philistia, and he asks the Lord if he should move back.  The Lord directs David to Hebron in Judah.  Note the humility of David to pray and seek God’s will first.  He gives gratitude to those who gave Saul a proper burial, and asks for their loyalty – again, he asks and does not demand.  Meanwhile, Saul’s general, Abner, appoints Isbosheth, king of Israel… the kingdom is divided between Judah and Israel, and a civil war breaks out.  Abner (Israel’s general) retreats.  Joab (Judah’s general) chases them.  Abner asks if they are just going to keep killing one another?  Joab blows the rams horn and the fighting stops.  Civil wars are horrible, and perhaps the very worst is the civil war that rages between the Holy Spirit and our sin nature.  What area of your life is King Self still trying to rule over King Jesus?  Call the cease fire.  Surrender to Jesus’s lead of your life.🙏🏻👑☝️🏳✌👑🙏🏻

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