2 Samuel

Read 2 Samuel 1 – Remember, these two great battles happened at the same time.  1 Samuel closed with David being sent back to Ziklag only to discover the city burned and his family in need of rescue.  While he and his men were attacking the Amalekites, Saul and Jonathon were dying on the battlefield, against the Philistines.  From that read, we know how Saul died, and that he was truly dead before his loyal armor bearer took his own life (1 Samuel 31:5).  

So, this account from the man with the torn clothing (1:2) is odd.  He says Saul wasn’t dead, but begged the man to kill him, so he did.  He was undoubtedly expecting a reward for his story, but was instead condemned by his actions and killed for his confession of taking the Lord’s anointed (1:16).  

Let that sink in.   Truth mixed with lies, lies for personal gain, only fools one’s own ego.  Jesus is not fooled.  His mercy is for the surrendered heart.  A deceit- filled heart will be dealt with as surely as David dealt with this Amalekite.

(1:17-27) David composes a funeral song for Saul and Jonathon that is beautiful, and will memorialize them for the people of Judah… and us when you think about it.  👑😭👎💔🙏🏻🤺🎶

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