2 Samuel 3

Read 2 Samuel 3 – So much happens in Chapter 3! 

The division between Judah and Israel is a long war (3:1). 

Ishbosheth accuses the mighty Abner of adultery, and Abner has had it!  He switches teams and contacts David in a stunning turn of events. 

David wants his wife back, Michal.  She was his first wife, the daughter of king Saul, given and taken away by him(see 1 Samuel 18).  I thought that was a rather romantic way to prove Abner’s loyalty. Abner brings Michal, consults with the elders of Israel and Benjamin, reminds them in vs 18 that David was chosen by the Lord, and arrives in Hebron with great feasting and celebration. 

All is well, except…. Joab, King David’s general, has allowed vengeance to fester in his heart over his brother’s death (2 Sam 2:23), and tricks Abner into returning and murders him.  David deeply mourns Abner, making those who murdered him mourn in the funeral procession too. 

Revenge is a terrible desire.  It will eat you alive and cause you to do horrible things.  David acknowledges that Joab and his brother are too strong to control, and entrusts their fate to the Lord… which is a far wiser thing to do in the face of injustice. 🙏🏻✌ 🙈🙉🙊🙏🏻✌

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