2 Samuel 11

Read 2 Samuel 11 – Success must be guarded.   The ego is a dangerous liar of a friend.   From the first verse we see King David making ego driven choices.  Why didn’t David go to war,  as king’s normally did in the spring (11:1)?  Why did he glance at the women’s bath?   Why didn’t he look away at the sight of one? His glance took her in and he inquired about her(11:2-3)… Let’s shift gears to Urriah.  His integrity is stellar.   He will not delight in the privilege of marriage while his men are camping in open fields(11:11)  David tried getting him drunk so he would go home,  have relations with Bathsheba, and be credited with her pregnancy.  But even drunk,  he would not do it. David has him carry the very note that conspires his death in battle.   He dies. Bathsheba mourns, then moves to the palace and marries David,  then gives birth…. And none of this happened without the Lord’s full knowledge. “The LORD was displeased with what David had done.” (11:27b) It’s horrible, but before we throw any stones,  let’s each examine our own heart. What hidden sin needs to be confessed?   Ask the LORD to search your heart today. 🛀🤰⚰🤦‍♂️

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