2 Samuel 17

Read 2 Samuel 17 – “Many are the plans of a persons heart, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail.” Proverbs 19:21 

Ahithrophel presents a military strike against David using just 12,000 men – hit David only, now, while he is weary and discouraged.  He (Ahithrophel) seeks the support of Hushai.  Remember Hushai is a double agent, sent to frustrated and counter Ahithophel’s advice (2 Sam 15:34). 

Hushai stirs up fear, calling David and his men mighty warriors, enraged as a mama bear robbed of her cubs.  He recommends Absalom use the entire army, buying time.  He says Absalom should lead the troops, appealing to his ego.  And that David and his men be annihilated, fanning the flames of power. 

Absalom is sold, stating that Hushai’s plan is better, even though it wasn’t.  Did you catch why in 17:14?  Yes, because the LORD determined to bring disaster on Absalom. 

Hushai warns David, excitement unfolds, and David crosses the Jordan with all his people.  Ahithophel knows what this means, sets his house in order and kills himself.  David arrives at Mahanaim to a warm greeting and provisions. 

Beloved, when life seems utter chaos, God is still in control, causing all things to work for your good and his  glory.


2 Samuel 12:1-25

Read 2 Samuel 12:1-25 – “You hypocrite, first take the log or out of your own eye,  then your will see clearly to take the speck out of your brothers eye.” Luke 6:42.  The Lord used a parable to address David’s sin. In it David saw the offense clearly,  but when Nathan explained he was the man(12:7), then David understood his sin and confessed. In judgment, the Lord took the life of David’s son.   While the child was sick, David fasted and prayed his heart out, and when he died,  David washed, dressed, worshiped the Lord,  then ate. The servants were shocked at his turn around which he explains so well in 12:22-23.  David understands life after death. David knows his baby is with the Lord and he will be with him someday.  It’s a beautiful faith on display for us. Next David comforts his wife,  Bathsheba, and along comes baby Solomon, whom the Lord loves. The Lord gives, and takes away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. 💖


2 Samuel 11

Read 2 Samuel 11 – Success must be guarded.   The ego is a dangerous liar of a friend.   From the first verse we see King David making ego driven choices.  Why didn’t David go to war,  as king’s normally did in the spring (11:1)?  Why did he glance at the women’s bath?   Why didn’t he look away at the sight of one? His glance took her in and he inquired about her(11:2-3)… Let’s shift gears to Urriah.  His integrity is stellar.   He will not delight in the privilege of marriage while his men are camping in open fields(11:11)  David tried getting him drunk so he would go home,  have relations with Bathsheba, and be credited with her pregnancy.  But even drunk,  he would not do it. David has him carry the very note that conspires his death in battle.   He dies. Bathsheba mourns, then moves to the palace and marries David,  then gives birth…. And none of this happened without the Lord’s full knowledge. “The LORD was displeased with what David had done.” (11:27b) It’s horrible, but before we throw any stones,  let’s each examine our own heart. What hidden sin needs to be confessed?   Ask the LORD to search your heart today. 🛀🤰⚰🤦‍♂️


1 Samuel 31

Read 1 Samuel 31 – Saul, his three sons (including David’s best friend, Jonathon) and his troops are conquered by the Philistines. Saul actually sees that there is no escape,  and falls on his own sword, as does his armor bearer.  The Philistines go to barbaric measures in celebration of their victory. Jabesh-gilliad, from the tribe of Benjamin, rallied their warriors, retrieved the bodies of Saul and his sons, and gave them an honorable burial. Then they fasted for seven days and 1 Samuel ends.   Kind of.  The book of Samuel was originally one, but later divided due to its length. 

 We will pick up 2 Samuel tomorrow.  For today though, reflect on what the Lord wants to teach you through the life of king Saul.  He had the Lord’s favor, and rejected Him, and the Lord removed His favor. Saul’s life was a wreck from then on, ego,  paranoia, and pride ruled Saul’s heart.   Is anything standing between you and the Lord?  Are you trying so hard to be king of your world – that you are rejecting the true King, Jesus?  Don’t be like Saul.  Repent and return, Jesus is right there with so much LOVE to pour over you! ☝️🙇‍♀️🙏🏻❤🙏🏻🙇‍♂️☝️


1 Samuel 15

Read 1 Samuel 15 – This will be a hard chapter for some of you.  God commands Israel to completely destroy the Amalekites, and he is very specific (15:3).  Remember, God is good.   When something is hard to wrap your head around,  dig deeper and pray for understanding…. Saul’s partial obedience is disobedience and the ripple effect from it continues. Saul spared the king and took the choice livestock – justifying that this would be used for sacrifice to God (15:8-9,15).   It’s like tithing with stolen money.  Saul is so prideful he doesn’t seem to realize his sin (15:13).  This is a prime example of how God views the theory ‘I believe my good outweighs my bad’.  No,  partial obedience is disobedience.   Saul does not repent until after Samuel confronts him (15:22-23).  Let’s all take some time to pray and ask God if there’s anything in our hearts that we need to confess and turn from. Meditate on Psalm 139 as you do. 💰🐂🐑😱🤯😭🙏🏻


1 Samuel 13

Read 1 Samuel 13 – How could things go so poorly in a single chapter?  Saul leads with an immaturity that is staggering.   He summoned the fighting men,  selected 3000 and sent the rest home (13:2).  Why do you suppose he would do this when his next move was to go up against the Philistines?  Saul summoned Israel with the rams horn,  but when they saw the perilous situation,  they hid (13:6).  Then Saul takes matters into his own hands and pulls the blasphemous stunt of sacrificing the burnt offerings… only a priest was qualified to do this (13:19).  Have you ever overstepped and taken matters into your own hands that went beyond your responsibility? What happened? 🤦‍♀️🙅‍♂️🛑😭🛑🙅‍♀️🤦‍♂️