1 Samuel 15

Read 1 Samuel 15 – This will be a hard chapter for some of you.  God commands Israel to completely destroy the Amalekites, and he is very specific (15:3).  Remember, God is good.   When something is hard to wrap your head around,  dig deeper and pray for understanding…. Saul’s partial obedience is disobedience and the ripple effect from it continues. Saul spared the king and took the choice livestock – justifying that this would be used for sacrifice to God (15:8-9,15).   It’s like tithing with stolen money.  Saul is so prideful he doesn’t seem to realize his sin (15:13).  This is a prime example of how God views the theory ‘I believe my good outweighs my bad’.  No,  partial obedience is disobedience.   Saul does not repent until after Samuel confronts him (15:22-23).  Let’s all take some time to pray and ask God if there’s anything in our hearts that we need to confess and turn from. Meditate on Psalm 139 as you do. 💰🐂🐑😱🤯😭🙏🏻

1 thought on “1 Samuel 15”

  1. This is a brutal passage. To be a solider and have to kill women and babies would be difficult to understand and yet God gives no tolerance.


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