2 Samuel 17

Read 2 Samuel 17 – “Many are the plans of a persons heart, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail.” Proverbs 19:21 

Ahithrophel presents a military strike against David using just 12,000 men – hit David only, now, while he is weary and discouraged.  He (Ahithrophel) seeks the support of Hushai.  Remember Hushai is a double agent, sent to frustrated and counter Ahithophel’s advice (2 Sam 15:34). 

Hushai stirs up fear, calling David and his men mighty warriors, enraged as a mama bear robbed of her cubs.  He recommends Absalom use the entire army, buying time.  He says Absalom should lead the troops, appealing to his ego.  And that David and his men be annihilated, fanning the flames of power. 

Absalom is sold, stating that Hushai’s plan is better, even though it wasn’t.  Did you catch why in 17:14?  Yes, because the LORD determined to bring disaster on Absalom. 

Hushai warns David, excitement unfolds, and David crosses the Jordan with all his people.  Ahithophel knows what this means, sets his house in order and kills himself.  David arrives at Mahanaim to a warm greeting and provisions. 

Beloved, when life seems utter chaos, God is still in control, causing all things to work for your good and his  glory.

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