2 Samuel 19

Read 2 Samuel 19 – So many details!  

Joab speaks some harsh truth to David forcing him to lead like a leader. Israel decides to ask David to be their king again (19:10). 

David appoints Amasa army commander over Joab (19:13).  The bible doesn’t say why, but my guess it is over Absalom’s death.

David crosses the Jordan and is greeted warmly.   Shimei in particular is very apologetic (see 2 Sam 16:5-13) as he should be, and David elects to spare his life (19:23).

Ziba’s deceit is corrected when David meets with Mephibosheth, although David only returns half his land. Mephibosheth is just happy to have David back(19:30). 

Our chapter closes with arguments among the tribes…. It is time for some leadership,  King David. And, how is your leadership in your realm? Are you a good steward of your time, relationships and finances? Things can get messy if you don’t lead with intent. 

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