2 Samuel 9

Read 2 Samuel 9 – Did you remember to remember Mephibosheth?  We met him briefly in 2 Sam 4:4, he is the crippled son of Jonathon and living in hiding.  King David asks if there is anyone from Jonathon’s family he can show kindness to, and is told about Mephibosheth.  David summons for him, and he calls himself David’s servant, and bows low to the ground in respect (and perhaps fear – 9:6).  Being crippled meant Mephibosheth was not eligible to be king, yet David treated him with great honor, restoring all the land that had been Sauls to him and insisting that he dine with King David, like one of his own sons.  This segment shines of Jesus’s love, we are not eligible for heaven because of our sin affliction, yet Jesus made a way for us to dine at his table.  He offers us Salvation.  We become adopted into the kingdom of heaven because Jesus died, and rose again, conquering sin and death, covering and restoring us by His sacrifice… so much like Mephibosheth has been redeemed to the kings table, purely by David’s grace.

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