Daily Word

1 Kings 10

Read 1 Kings 10 – Be fascinated by the Queen of Sheba. Who was this powerful woman who traveled across the desert with an entourage, spices, gifts, and gold? One speculation said the journey took 3 years. 

There were many belief systems and pagan religions where she came from, yet she was seeking truth.   She made that great journey because of the rumors she heard about King Solomon.

Look at all there is to discover in 10:7-9.  Solomon was even greater in wisdom and wealth than the rumors, his people were surely happy. And the Queen recognized that this was the Lord’s doing.

Beloved,  may your reputation go before you, reflecting the Lord’s favor and love,  as you seek Him everyday.  May your heart long for the truth and wisdom found only in Jesus.💖🙏🏻🙌👑📖🤓💖

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