Daily Word

1 Kings 15

Read 1 Kings 15 – remember flow charts?   It might be time for one as this chapter covers 4 kings, 2 from Israel,  the north – and 2 from Judah,  the south. You can get a more complete picture by reading 2 Chronicles 13-17, or you can simply pray for the Lord to highlight a verse to concentrate on.   

I’m a simple girl and choose the ladder approach. ASA DID WHAT WAS PLEASING IN THE LORD’S SIGHT, AS HIS ANCESTOR  DAVID HAD DONE. (15:11) Asa had poor examples of leadership in his grandparents and father,  yet he took a stand against  corruption,  and cleaned things up.  Know that nothing defines you, apart from who you are in Christ Jesus.   Whether your parents or past were blessings or challenges, it is your responsibility to lead a life that is pleasing in the Lord’s sight. Beloved, stay in the Word. The Lord has treasure and wisdom for you on every page. 🌄☝️🤗📖🤗☝️🌄