Daily Word

1 Kings 16

Read 1 King’s 16 – Asa’s rule (Judah/south) serves as a timeline as the kings of Israel (north) fluctuate.  Although all of the kings of Israel did evil in the eyes of the LORD, we are told two, Omri and Ahab, were worse than all the others (16:25,30).  Israel (north) was even divided by civil war at one point between Omri and Tibni, although that was short lived as Omri’s supporters killed Tibni(16:22).  Omri’s son, Ahab, succeeds him and marries Jezebel – by worldly standards this was a good political move.  By godly standards, this would prove to be an utter abomination, ushering in Baal worship and more.  Lastly, the prophecy of Joshua 6:26 is fulfilled when Hiel rebuilds Jericho.  This should have been a wake up call for Ahab to repent, but he did not heed it.  You may drift off course, may your heart be quickened to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  The Lord always provides a way out(1Cor10:13).🤦‍♂️🤴🙅‍♂️☝️🙅‍♀️👸🤦‍♀️