2 Samuel 23

Read 2 Samuel 23 – Retirement reflections.   Remember in 2 Samuel 21:15,17, David became exhausted in battle.  Abishai saved him,  and David’s faithful men swore there would be no more battles for King David. Our valiant king was entering a new chapter and perhaps he was thinking about that when he penned these words.  David knows the Lord spoke the words through him (22:2).  He speaks of God saying he ruled in righteousness with fear of the Lord being like the sunrise on a bright,  cloudless morning, the brightness after rain that brings forth grass (23:3-4).  He uses beautiful language in summary on his life,  walking so close to the Lord and leading as truly,  one nation under God(23:1-8).  Then there is a tribute to his fighting men…. those who battled fearlessly alongside him all these years.   What is your perspective on God over your life?  Is Jesus tangible to you? He longs to be.  How about your warriors? Who has walked life’s battles alongside you?🤺☝️

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