Daily Word

Genesis 25

Read Genesis 25 – What really matters? 

Abraham remarried Keturah after Sarah, and had 6 more sons.  We are given their names, but they are never mentioned again. 

Genesis is the story of Jesus Christ.  People will be mentioned then just fade away because they are not a part of the Jesus story.  Our lesson in this is that here and now, many will touch the story of Jesus.  They will know who he is and that he offers salvation to all, but they do not take the gift.  They too will fade out of the story.  It is immensely tragic. 

In verse :5 we read: “Abraham gave everything he owned to his son Isaac.”  Isaac is the son of the promise.  After Abraham dies, his sons Isaac and Ishmael bury him with Sarah. 

In verses :12-18 we are given the descendants of Ishmael, but like the children born to Keturah, they are mentioned here then no more. 

Now, Rebekah was barren like her mother-in-law, Sarah.  Isaac pleaded with the LORD for her, and the LORD answered his prayer with twins.  The twins were at war even in the womb.  Rebekah asked God why and He responded with quite a pronouncement!  Her sons are two rival nations…. Meet Esau and Jacob. 

Esau was a manly man, a hunter and outdoorsman, and Isaac preferred him.  Jacob had a quiet temperament and was favored by Rebekah.  Before our chapter ends, the boys will have a childish encounter over some stew that will change everything! 

Beloved, what is the LORD telling you in these verses?  Where is Jesus in YOUR story?

Daily Word

Genesis 24

Read Genesis 24 – Be ready to be swept off your feet!  This is one of the most romantic chapters in the Bible. 

Abraham is very old when he summons his head servant and requests he find a wife for Isaac from the homeland.  The servant (we are never given his name) is concerned that the bride and her family may not allow her to travel so far away.  Abraham sets the condition that his servant will be released of his oath if that happens, but that Isaac is NEVER to go there. 

Notice the servant’s reverence for the LORD and Abraham.  He prays when he arrives in town, he prays quite specifically, and before he finished praying in his heart, Rebekah appeared.  (This is one of the few silent prayers recorded in the Bible.) 

I’m not going to tell too much of the story. You simply must unwrap it for yourself!  As you read, consider the symbolism of Father in Abraham, Son in Isaac, and Holy Spirit in the unnamed servant. 

Our chapter ends with verse :67, “And Isaac brought Rebekah into his mother Sarah’s tent, and she became his wife.  He loved her deeply, and she was a special comfort to him after the death of his mother.” 

Beloved, ‘he loved her deeply’, it’s so precious.  This was an arranged marriage, but it was truly love at first sight.  And Rebekah immediately steps into the role with comfort, being exactly the right help-mate to Isaac.  May you also trust in the Lord completely.  May you ask for the desires of your heart and be open to the awesome ways Jesus will meet you there.  Commit everything you do to the LORD!

Daily Word

Genesis 23

Read Genesis 23 – Sarah dies. 

Sarah was so beautiful that kings wanted her at first glance.  Sarah longed for a baby for most of her life, and was fulfilled with the birth of Isaac when she was 90.  Sarah taught us that “helping” God (remember Hagar and Ishmael) is a mistake – Instead, one must faithfully wait on the Lord’s timing. 

Abraham mourns and weeps for her.  Then he sets out to get a proper place to bury her, meeting and negotiating with the Hittite elders.  This negotiation was a cultural norm. 

Abraham was shown respect, being called an honored prince in their land, and they offered the land as a gift (:6).  Abraham insists on paying full price for the land and Ephron casually throws out a value of 400 pieces of silver. 

Bargaining was expected from this price… the land was probably worth about 60% of this amount.  But Abraham simply agreed to it, securing the cave at Machpelah as the burial place for Sarah. 

One day Abraham would join her there, and their children and grandchildren, but today, beautiful and beloved Sarah is laid to rest. 💗⚰️😪

Daily Word

Genesis 22

Read Genesis 22 – Sometimes one’s faith is tested. 

If this is your first time reading this chapter, your faith may feel tested in the second verse. God tells Abraham to take his son, his only son up to the mountain and sacrifice him.  Wait, what?  Yes, but, keep reading mama bear… 

Our chapter is filled with symbolism about Jesus. Starting with verse :2; God says nearly the same words about Jesus (Matt 3:17, 17:5 / Mark 1:11).  And God does offer Jesus, His one and only Son, as a sacrifice for our sins (John 3:16).  

As you read, consider Isaac’s willingness.  He is not a small child, verse :6 tells us the wood for the burnt offering was laid upon his shoulders – as Jesus would carry his own cross up to Golgotha (John 19:7)… Both sons were willing to be obedient to their fathers, even to lay down their lives. 

Isaac asks Abraham where the sheep is for the burnt offering, Abraham answers in great faith, the Lord will provide (:8).  And at the last possible moment, an angel stops Abraham from killing Isaac.  He truly fears the Lord, and will not withhold anything from Him.  God provides a ram in the thicket for the burnt offering. 

Beloved, while these verses are unique to Abraham (Jesus was the perfect sacrifice and God will not ask anyone to sacrifice their child), one might wonder why God asked this of him.  God knows Abrahams heart, as He knows yours, but sometimes we don’t know our own and the Lord will bring circumstances to refine our faith.  “Abraham named the place Yahweh-Yireh (which means “the LORD will provide”).  To this day, people still use that name as a proverb: “On the mountain of the LORD it will be provided.”  Genesis 22:14

Daily Word

Genesis 21

Read Genesis 21 – Let’s make a joyful noise!

Laughter fills Sarah’s heart when the Lord’s promise is fulfilled with the birth of Isaac. Isaac is the son of God’s promise, as Jesus will be centuries later, more commonalities between the two are both arrived by miracle, both arrived after a long wait, both were named before birth – names with deep meaning, and both arrived according to the Lord’s perfect timing and purpose.

When Isaac was weaned, Abraham threw a great celebration and Sarah saw Ishmael scoffing at Isaac. This symbolized the conflict that will remain between the son of promise, Isaac, and the son of the flesh, Ishmael. Sarah demanded they be sent away.

Hagar again finds herself alone in the wilderness, feeling hopeless and ready to die when an angel of the Lord shows up. He assures her Ishmael will be a great nation, and he does grow to be the father of the Arabic people.

Our chapter ends with Abraham’s covenant with Abimelech. He is approached by his neighbor, Abimelech, who observes God’s hand over Abraham: GOD IS OBVIOUSLY WITH YOU, HELPING YOU IN EVERYTHING YOU DO :23.

Beloved, may it be so for us all… that our walk with Jesus is apparent in the way we live. Keep reading, may you fall deeper in love with our Savior, as you get to know Him more and more with each page.📖📖📖🙏📖📖📖

Daily Word

Genesis 20

Read Genesis 20 – The Lord protects, even when we are foolish. 

For the second time, Abraham tells his wife to say she is his sister, and she is taken to be another man’s wife. 

Abimelech has beautiful Sarah brought to him, yet does not touch her and goes to bed.  God meets Abimelech in a dream and tells him he will die because Sarah is already married. 

Abimelech defends his life, saying he did not sleep with her, she and Abraham both said she was his sister.  And would God destroy an innocent nation?  This is interesting because in :11 we learn that this is a godless nation, yet Abimelech knows enough about God’s character to present his incomplete knowledge of who Sarah was to say he acted in innocence.  For that matter, he takes God seriously and does not deny or question that he is God. 

God responds with words that should echo in your heart.  He says:  YES, I KNOW YOU ARE INNOCENT.  THAT’S WHY I KEPT YOU FROM SINNING AGAINST ME, AND WHY I DID NOT LET YOU TOUCH HER. :6  The LORD was in control, protecting Sarah, guarding the line of Jesus that would come from her and Abraham.  God acted in the lives of those who were godless even though Abraham made the mess by deceiving the king in the first place.  Keep reading to learn how all this works out. 

Beloved, we are a messy bunch!  Paul says in Romans 7:19 “I want to do what is good, but I don’t.  I don’t want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway.”  This is the war at work between the sin nature we were born with, and the spiritual nature we were born-again into.  So, before you start throwing stones at Abraham, look in a mirror.  If anything comes to mind to confess, now is the time, and thank God for His hand of protection over your life as He makes Romans 8:28 come true again and again:  AND WE KNOW THAT GOD CAUSES ALL THINGS TO WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD OF THOSE WHO LOVE HIM AND ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE.”😻🙀😿❤🙌☝🙏

Daily Word

Genesis 18

Read Genesis 18 – The LORD appeared again to Abraham.  Beloved, are you aware that the LORD appeared rarely and to people in the Old Testament, but we have Jesus 24/7?  He is always with you; never will he forsake you. 

Verse :2, “He looked up and noticed three men standing nearby.”  Abraham jumps to his feet, offering hospitality, and rallying Sarah to help. 

One of the three inquires about Sarah; Abraham says she is in the tent.  Then one of them says, “I will return to you about this time next year, and your wife, Sarah, will have a son!” 

Sarah was listening and laughing to herself, thinking how funny this will be for a woman her age.  The LORD wants to know why Sarah laughed; she denied it, but He said, “No, you did laugh.” :9-15. 

Now, recall that Abraham also laughed in the last chapter when the LORD told him the same thing, 17:17.  It was humanly impossible, but nothing is impossible with God.  Abraham embraced this on faith, while Sarah chose to lie and deny it. 

Then the men looked out at Sodom, wondering if Abraham should be told of their mission.  They decided to tell him, then two of the men turned and headed toward Sodom, while the LORD stayed behind with Abraham. 

Abraham boldly negotiates for Sodom, asking in verse :25a, “Surely you wouldn’t do such a thing, destroying the righteous along with the wicked.”  Then he asks if God would spare it for 50 righteous people, then 45, then 40… all the way down to 10, and each time the LORD says He will not destroy it for the sake of that many righteous people. 

Beloved, can you imagine speaking so forwardly with God?  Well, you can.  That is what prayer is, conversations, sharing your heart with Jesus.  Abraham gives an example of intercessory prayer.  Notice how specific it is; be specific with yours.  Know you are speaking with the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, in whom nothing is impossible. 💖🙏💖  

Daily Word

Genesis 17

Read Genesis 17 – Faith and time – Abram is 99 years old and Sarai is 90.  It has been roughly 23 years since the LORD promised Abram he would be the father of many, and 13 years since God reminded Abram of His promise after the birth of Ishmael. 

God is outside of time.  Just because you have to wait longer than you want, do not lose faith. 

The LORD gives Abram a new name.  Abram means ‘the father of many’; his new name will be Abraham, meaning ‘the father of many nations’. (:5)  The LORD makes a covenant with Abraham to give him and his offspring the land of Canaan and to be their God.

This covenant will be sealed through the act of circumcision… much like Salvation in Christ Jesus is offered, yet one must seal it by saying yes and asking Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. 

God required circumcision of every male, 8 days old and older.  Science would discover the 7th day of life is when an infant’s immune system begins to mature and their bodies develop blood clotting agents (vitamin k and prothrombin), making the 8th day the most optimal… as God knew all along. 

The LORD also has a promise for Sarai, and a new name, Sarah.  Both versions mean princess, the first Sarai, is to one family; the second Sarah is princess over a multitude. 

In verses 17-22 we see how very real Abraham’s relationship is with the LORD, pointing out the problem of their advanced years and suggesting that the LORD is referring to Ishmael, to which God says no.  “But I will establish my covenant with Isaac, whom Sarah shall bear to you at this time next year.” (:22) 

We see Abraham’s great faith and leadership in :23 when he, and Ishmael and every male in his household is circumcised on that very day. 

Beloved, is there something you’ve been waiting for a long time?  I pray these Scriptures would refresh your faith that the LORD has not forgotten your prayers.  He is at work in His timing and purpose, and when it is time, you will say, “Yes, LORD, that was perfect.”