Daily Word

Genesis 23

Read Genesis 23 – Sarah dies. 

Sarah was so beautiful that kings wanted her at first glance.  Sarah longed for a baby for most of her life, and was fulfilled with the birth of Isaac when she was 90.  Sarah taught us that “helping” God (remember Hagar and Ishmael) is a mistake – Instead, one must faithfully wait on the Lord’s timing. 

Abraham mourns and weeps for her.  Then he sets out to get a proper place to bury her, meeting and negotiating with the Hittite elders.  This negotiation was a cultural norm. 

Abraham was shown respect, being called an honored prince in their land, and they offered the land as a gift (:6).  Abraham insists on paying full price for the land and Ephron casually throws out a value of 400 pieces of silver. 

Bargaining was expected from this price… the land was probably worth about 60% of this amount.  But Abraham simply agreed to it, securing the cave at Machpelah as the burial place for Sarah. 

One day Abraham would join her there, and their children and grandchildren, but today, beautiful and beloved Sarah is laid to rest. 💗⚰️😪

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