Daily Word

Genesis 25

Read Genesis 25 – What really matters? 

Abraham remarried Keturah after Sarah, and had 6 more sons.  We are given their names, but they are never mentioned again. 

Genesis is the story of Jesus Christ.  People will be mentioned then just fade away because they are not a part of the Jesus story.  Our lesson in this is that here and now, many will touch the story of Jesus.  They will know who he is and that he offers salvation to all, but they do not take the gift.  They too will fade out of the story.  It is immensely tragic. 

In verse :5 we read: “Abraham gave everything he owned to his son Isaac.”  Isaac is the son of the promise.  After Abraham dies, his sons Isaac and Ishmael bury him with Sarah. 

In verses :12-18 we are given the descendants of Ishmael, but like the children born to Keturah, they are mentioned here then no more. 

Now, Rebekah was barren like her mother-in-law, Sarah.  Isaac pleaded with the LORD for her, and the LORD answered his prayer with twins.  The twins were at war even in the womb.  Rebekah asked God why and He responded with quite a pronouncement!  Her sons are two rival nations…. Meet Esau and Jacob. 

Esau was a manly man, a hunter and outdoorsman, and Isaac preferred him.  Jacob had a quiet temperament and was favored by Rebekah.  Before our chapter ends, the boys will have a childish encounter over some stew that will change everything! 

Beloved, what is the LORD telling you in these verses?  Where is Jesus in YOUR story?

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