Daily Word

Genesis 27

Read Genesis 27 – See the providence of God.  You’ll need this lens for Chapter 27 or things will be confusing. 

God told Rebekah in Chapter 25:23 exactly how things would turn out for the twins she was carrying… ‘and the older shall serve the younger’.  Of course God did not need lies, deception and favoritism to accomplish His will, but when dealing with mere humans, like us, free-will is a factor He must contend with.

Beloved, this is somewhat good news for us.  You and I are bound to make less-than-godly choices over the course of our lives due to our sin nature. (Paul captures the battle well in Romans 7:15-17)  God’s providence will still prevail.  And what God desires from us is a repentant heart. 

Let’s look ahead; do we see a repentant heart in Esau?  “From that time on, Esau hated Jacob because their father had given Jacob the blessing.  And Esau began to scheme, ‘I will soon be mourning my father’s death.  Then I will kill my brother, Jacob.’ “ :41 

No, Esau comforted himself with murder fantasies, not godly sorrow.  God has foreknowledge of each person’s heart.  Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of stew (25:32-33); he was a godless man who was controlled by his flesh, he was not a man God would establish Israel through. 

And now, Jacob… his behavior is hardly admirable, and the LORD will have a lot of refining for him before he is useful and able to grow into the blessing Isaac pronounced over him. But, God knew Jacob’s heart and that His purpose would be fulfilled through Jacob.

Beloved, we are a messy bunch and Jesus knows that.  He died for us while we were still sinners! (Romans 5:8)  May each of us be quick to give thanks for our trials and the good things our LORD is accomplishing in and through us. (See James 1 for more on this.)

Daily Word

Genesis 26

Read Genesis 26 – Well, well, well…

Our chapter begins with a famine.  Water is life.  Famine was a serious condition that required action. 

Isaac moved to Gerar in Philistine country.  The LORD did not want Isaac in Egypt and gave him instructions and promises.  Isaac was to stay where he was, and the LORD promised His presence and blessing, land, and descendants as numerous as the stars through which all the nations of the earth will be blessed (Jesus!!!!) :3-4. 

Isaac was a foreigner in the land and feared he would be killed for his beautiful wife, Rebekah.  So he repeats his father’s mistake and makes Rebekah declare herself his sister.  Abimelech the king saw Isaac caressing Rebekah.  Other translations say:  sporting, fondling, laughing with and dallying… it was clear to the king they were married.  I love how serious the king takes this.  He calls Isaac immediately and asks, “How could you do this to us?  One of my people might easily have taken your wife and slept with her, and you would have made us guilty of great sin.” :10

Beloved, we live in a time where marriage is not honored by many, and sexual relations outside of marriage are considered a normal outlet…. Some of the consequences of our sin are broken homes, broken hearts, fatherless children everywhere, and a lost society that doesn’t understand why or how they got that way. 

Abimelech understood the gravity of the situation.  Even sin committed in ignorance is sin.  He issued a proclamation of protection over Isaac and Rebekah. 

Isaac goes on to plant crops and is so blessed by the LORD that the Philistine servants become jealous.  They fill up Isaac’s wells… remember, water is life. The king tells Isaac to move on. 

Isaac moves to the valley, reopening the wells his father had dug, and is met with strife from the herdsmen there.  He moved to Beersheba and the LORD met him there, repeating His promises to Abraham over Isaac.  Isaac built an altar there and worshipped the LORD. 

There’s more for you to discover, keep reading. 👫🥰🤦‍♀️🚰🤝☝️🙌

Daily Word

Genesis 25

Read Genesis 25 – What really matters? 

Abraham remarried Keturah after Sarah, and had 6 more sons.  We are given their names, but they are never mentioned again. 

Genesis is the story of Jesus Christ.  People will be mentioned then just fade away because they are not a part of the Jesus story.  Our lesson in this is that here and now, many will touch the story of Jesus.  They will know who he is and that he offers salvation to all, but they do not take the gift.  They too will fade out of the story.  It is immensely tragic. 

In verse :5 we read: “Abraham gave everything he owned to his son Isaac.”  Isaac is the son of the promise.  After Abraham dies, his sons Isaac and Ishmael bury him with Sarah. 

In verses :12-18 we are given the descendants of Ishmael, but like the children born to Keturah, they are mentioned here then no more. 

Now, Rebekah was barren like her mother-in-law, Sarah.  Isaac pleaded with the LORD for her, and the LORD answered his prayer with twins.  The twins were at war even in the womb.  Rebekah asked God why and He responded with quite a pronouncement!  Her sons are two rival nations…. Meet Esau and Jacob. 

Esau was a manly man, a hunter and outdoorsman, and Isaac preferred him.  Jacob had a quiet temperament and was favored by Rebekah.  Before our chapter ends, the boys will have a childish encounter over some stew that will change everything! 

Beloved, what is the LORD telling you in these verses?  Where is Jesus in YOUR story?

Daily Word

Genesis 24

Read Genesis 24 – Be ready to be swept off your feet!  This is one of the most romantic chapters in the Bible. 

Abraham is very old when he summons his head servant and requests he find a wife for Isaac from the homeland.  The servant (we are never given his name) is concerned that the bride and her family may not allow her to travel so far away.  Abraham sets the condition that his servant will be released of his oath if that happens, but that Isaac is NEVER to go there. 

Notice the servant’s reverence for the LORD and Abraham.  He prays when he arrives in town, he prays quite specifically, and before he finished praying in his heart, Rebekah appeared.  (This is one of the few silent prayers recorded in the Bible.) 

I’m not going to tell too much of the story. You simply must unwrap it for yourself!  As you read, consider the symbolism of Father in Abraham, Son in Isaac, and Holy Spirit in the unnamed servant. 

Our chapter ends with verse :67, “And Isaac brought Rebekah into his mother Sarah’s tent, and she became his wife.  He loved her deeply, and she was a special comfort to him after the death of his mother.” 

Beloved, ‘he loved her deeply’, it’s so precious.  This was an arranged marriage, but it was truly love at first sight.  And Rebekah immediately steps into the role with comfort, being exactly the right help-mate to Isaac.  May you also trust in the Lord completely.  May you ask for the desires of your heart and be open to the awesome ways Jesus will meet you there.  Commit everything you do to the LORD!