1 Samuel 27

Read 1 Samuel 27 – David understood Saul would never stop hunting him,  so he sought refuge among the Philistines.  David’s relationship with king Achish seems to be a web of mutual respect and deceit.   Achish wants David to be his slave, and believes him to be waging war against the Israeli town’s.   David is actually picking off the Philistine towns, killing everyone so that no one can testify against him.   This is a curious chapter to me.   It seems out of character for a man after God’s own heart to raid towns and lie about it.  Notice God is not mentioned in ch 27.  David seems to be acting on his own accord, and not leaning into the Lord.  Can you recall a season adrift? Were you the master of your universe?   It is a heavy life to live. But take heart because God never gives up on you. 🌐🏰🌒👎🌘🏰🌐

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