1 Samuel 26

Read 1 Samuel 26 – Can you picture it?  If it was a movie, would the director give it a comedic flare or cue in the dramatic music?  David and Abishai slip into Saul’s enemy camp – through 3,000 sleeping soldiers, to Saul and Abner who were in the center.  This is what God’s favor looks like (26:12).  David and Abishai whisper over what to do next.  David forbids the killing of Saul, again because he is God’s anointed, but instead takes his spear and water jug, and moves a safe distance away, and begins taunting Saul and his troops.  King Saul responds, calling him, “David, my son” (26:17)  Talk about a dysfunctional relationship!  Saul repents to David, asks him to come home and says he will not harm him (26:21).  This sounds a lot like the cave scene in chapter 24.  Have you ever shown grace to a difficult person?  It will reveal your true heart.  I am awed by David’s lead.  His men did not take matters into their own hands even though their lives were also in jeopardy.  Patience, courage, loyalty and faith are revealed in our chapter.  ⏳🛡🦁📖🦁🛡⏳

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