1 Samuel 18

Read 1 Samuel 18 – I was 4 when my family moved to a new home.   I was in my new backyard, feeling lost and lonely when two little girls appeared from over the back fence. There was an immediate bond of friendship in that moment that continues to this day, much like we read about between Jonathon and David (18:1-4).  A lifelong friend is such a blessing from God. David continues to gain notoriety and respect throughout chapter 18, while king Saul’s jealously and fear grows.   Saul tried to kill David personally (18:11) and by sending him to battle (18:17,21,25).  The Lord was with David and brought him victory at every challenge.   Beloved,  lean into Jesus and watch His hand of protection over your life no matter what you are up against. 👬😠😇🙌😇😠👭

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