1 Samuel 19

Read 1 Samuel 19 – So much drama!  Jealousy is consuming king Saul so much that he is urging his servants and Jonathon (Saul’s son/David’s best friend) to kill David.  Jonathon urges David to hide while he speaks to his father, reminding him of David’s faithful service.  This ends with Saul making a vow to not kill David (19:6).  There are two great points here: when you are angry with someone, consider the whole person and not just the moment that frustrates you – and, as Jesus taught in Matthew 5:33-37, don’t even swear an oath, simply make your yes be yes, and your no, be no.  Soon after Saul’s vow, the tormenting spirit comes over him once more,and he throws a spear at David.  David dodges it and flee’s.  Remember, David is an incredible warrior, it would have been a simple thing for him to kill Saul in defense, but David honors the king by fleeing.  More plots to kill David result in him seeking refuge with Samuel.  Everyone, including the king, comes to kill David and instead is overcome by the Spirit of God and begins to prophesy (19:20,21,23).  One would think this blessed occurrence would change a person… stay tuned!  

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