1 Samuel 17

Read 1 Samuel 17 – This should be a familiar story, yet the bible is so much more exciting than the Sunday school books!  Young David brings his brother’s lunch out on the battlefield and hears the giant, Goliath, taunting.  Goliath is 9’ tall and mouthy (17:4-8).  He has been harassing the Israeli army for 40 days when David comes on scene(17:16).  David inquires about the situation and his brothers give him grief (17:28).  King Saul hears about this and speaks to David.  David assures the king, he has had to fight off lion and bear in defending his sheep, the God who rescued him from those situations will rescue him from the Philistine – all glory to God (17:34-36).  Do you have this kind of faith?  It doesn’t seem to occur to David to fear the giant; David belongs to God. The God of Heaven’s Armies will slay this giant!  Keep reading, David’s faith will remind you to have courage in the face of trouble.  What else stands out to you? 🗡🦁🤺💖🤺🦁🗡

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