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Acts 17

Read Acts 17 – Courageous, discerning and wise… these are some of the traits Paul, Silas, Timothy, Jason and the believers in Thessalonica, Berea and Athens illustrated.  May I confess?  I came to Christ as a skeptical non-believer.  I thought Christians were the exact opposite of what we read about here.  I had questions with an underlying sneer of superiority.  Paul reached out to people like me in these places.  He risked and suffered greatly to get the Truth out. 

I love what he discovered in Berea, people who were eager for truth and searched the Scriptures daily to see if things were as Paul said, :11.  Many believed, but the haters from Thessalonica learned this; they came there too, agitating and stirring up the crowds, :13. 

The believers escorted Paul to Athens.  There he walked about town and saw all kinds of statues commemorating various gods.  He even saw one dedicated to the unknown god, and that was an open door.  Verse :23 shows us how he met the locals where they were at and introduced Jesus.  It’s a beautiful, wise and honoring way to help his audience receive the Good News.  The mission was highly successful, and good seeds were planted. 

Beloved, do you still have questions?  What is in the way of your whole and complete surrender?  Nothing is grounded in truth like Jesus.  The bible can stand up to your questions because it is God’s true Word.  And when you find yourself on solid ground, tell others!

Daily Word

Read John 14

Read John 14 – The way. The truth.  The life.  – Those are such pure and powerful words, and John 14 has an abundance of them.

Jesus gives such a peaceful picture of eternity in these Scriptures.  You may recognize them from memorial services, but why wait for a moment of grief to set your mind on heaven(14:1-4)? 

And Jesus also gives hope for today – we will do works like Jesus, and He will give us what we ask for in his name(:12-14).  In verse :16 the apostles (and eventually us) learn about the Holy Spirit,  the Advocate who will help us and be with us forever.

Later, a great question is asked: why doesn’t everyone know Jesus?   It is a tragedy that some people chose disobedience over love (:22-24). 

Beloved, imagine how mind blowing it must have been to keep up with all Jesus was explaining!  That’s one reason the Holy Spirit is so essential to believers (:26).  Let’s hold on to verse 14:27, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.   I do not give as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled,  and do not be afraid.”🕊

Daily Word

John 7

Read John 7 – People rarely change.  The crowds weren’t quite sure what to make of Jesus, and even his own brothers egged him on to show off his miracles.  Scripture states, “For even his brothers did not believe in him.” John 7:4.  They basically dared him as brothers do.  He was clear though, it wasn’t quite time. 

Jesus goes to the festival of Shelters after his brothers left.  In 7:14 we see it’s time.  Jesus begins teaching and it is undeniable truth.  The Jewish leaders did not know how to outsmart him, but they wanted to(:36-38).  The peer pressure was huge as they (the religious leaders) demanded Jesus be arrested, yet the Temple guards could not do it because they were amazed by his teaching. 

It can be hard to know what truth is when those in authority have an agenda outside of what is good and honest.  We live in a time of agenda’s – political – health – right side, left side – where is truth?  God’s Word is truth.  It is the only thing that is reliable and trustworthy for all time.  Beloved, do not let the chaos of life weigh you down.  Lean into God’s true Word and look up.

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John 5:15-47

Read John 5:16-47 – It’s like a grand fireworks show is going on in my head as Jesus explains himself!  Read, read, read these verses and be enthralled by the truth!  The Jewish leaders want a reason to kill Jesus; He called God His Father, thereby making Himself equal with God (:18).  That would be blasphemy for anyone else, but Jesus goes on to explain himself, his mission and his divine dependence on God the Father.  Jesus gives life :21; Jesus has absolute God-given authority to judge :22.  Jesus’ power to give life is from God :26.  Jesus’ claims are valid by the eyewitness account of John the Baptist :31-33; by the teachings and miracles He works by God’s will :36; and the testimony of the LORD through His Scriptures :37-39!!!!!  Beloved, you can look at other faiths and you will not find this.  Jesus is worthy, wonderful, and powerful.  His mission is to rescue and his mission is to judge.  Will you know him as Rescuer or Judge?🎇🕊👨‍⚖🎆