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John 5:15-47

Read John 5:16-47 – It’s like a grand fireworks show is going on in my head as Jesus explains himself!  Read, read, read these verses and be enthralled by the truth!  The Jewish leaders want a reason to kill Jesus; He called God His Father, thereby making Himself equal with God (:18).  That would be blasphemy for anyone else, but Jesus goes on to explain himself, his mission and his divine dependence on God the Father.  Jesus gives life :21; Jesus has absolute God-given authority to judge :22.  Jesus’ power to give life is from God :26.  Jesus’ claims are valid by the eyewitness account of John the Baptist :31-33; by the teachings and miracles He works by God’s will :36; and the testimony of the LORD through His Scriptures :37-39!!!!!  Beloved, you can look at other faiths and you will not find this.  Jesus is worthy, wonderful, and powerful.  His mission is to rescue and his mission is to judge.  Will you know him as Rescuer or Judge?🎇🕊👨‍⚖🎆

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