Daily Word

John 7

Read John 7 – People rarely change.  The crowds weren’t quite sure what to make of Jesus, and even his own brothers egged him on to show off his miracles.  Scripture states, “For even his brothers did not believe in him.” John 7:4.  They basically dared him as brothers do.  He was clear though, it wasn’t quite time. 

Jesus goes to the festival of Shelters after his brothers left.  In 7:14 we see it’s time.  Jesus begins teaching and it is undeniable truth.  The Jewish leaders did not know how to outsmart him, but they wanted to(:36-38).  The peer pressure was huge as they (the religious leaders) demanded Jesus be arrested, yet the Temple guards could not do it because they were amazed by his teaching. 

It can be hard to know what truth is when those in authority have an agenda outside of what is good and honest.  We live in a time of agenda’s – political – health – right side, left side – where is truth?  God’s Word is truth.  It is the only thing that is reliable and trustworthy for all time.  Beloved, do not let the chaos of life weigh you down.  Lean into God’s true Word and look up.

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