Daily Word

Psalm 119:145-160

Monday! Monday!  Read Psalm 119:145-160 – Cries of the heart echo in these pleas.   Our psalmist knows God; he knows Scripture and he is bold to cry out.  We don’t know what his trial is; yet because we all have them, we can relate to such anguish. I RISE EARLY, BEFORE THE SUN IS UP; I CRY OUT FOR HELP AND PUT MY HOPE IN YOUR WORDS. (:147). Notice how he is not alone. He knows God is real, that He listens to his cry.  God’s mercy is rescue for believers, while those who reject the Lord…. it is both heartbreaking and sickening(:155-156).  Beloved, do you know someone who rejects Jesus?  Never stop praying for them.   Do you need some refreshment in your own soul? Be inspired by our Scriptures and pray. 🙏🏻📖🙏🏻💖🙏🏻📖🙏🏻

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