Daily Word

Matthew 2

Read Matthew 2 – Do you know the Holy Spirit?  Are you able to discern his voice over the chatter of life?   Will you read our chapter with an eye for all the ways he intervened in the lives of Joseph, and the Magi?  Will you consider the priests and scribes who knew Scripture and the prophecies concerning Messiah, yet did nothing! They did not seek to find Messiah, rejoice or worship. They had knowledge, but no love. 

Joseph really stands out as a true man under God and spiritual leader of his household.   It is him the angel of the Lord addresses to flee to Egypt, then return, but to Nazareth and not Judea. 

Men, will you pray for deeper sensitivity to the Holy Spirits lead for you and the family God has entrusted to you? Women, will you pray for your men, spouse, father, son, brother and anyone else the Lord puts on your heart to know and pursue Jesus? 

Beloved, we are living in an age where spiritual wisdom and discernment are more important than ever.   Matthew 2 has so much to wake us up to! 

Daily Word

Matthew 1

Read Matthew 1 – Foundations – I just finished a study comparing different religions and belief systems to biblical Christianity. An important thing each person should know is the foundation of their faith. How did it start? What evidence is there? When was it recorded? These are good things for Christians to know and they are good questions to ask people of other faiths.

Matthew begins with the lineage of Jesus to show how he fulfilled the prophecy that the Messiah would come from the line of David. What did you notice from these names? How many were familiar? Did the precision of verse :17 stand out? It was fourteen generations from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to exile in Babylon, and fourteen from exile to Jesus.

Then Matthew speaks of the virgin conception and Joseph’s experience of angelic confirmation. In just a few verses Matthew ties Old Testament prophecy to the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Beloved, your bible is true and reliable. Jesus, our Savior, is who he says and fulfilled all he purposed to for sinners like us! Your faith has a foundation that is trustworthy and substantiated.

Daily Word

Acts 16

Read Acts 16 – Meet Timothy, Lydia and the jailer, and see how God meets us where we are at. 

Timothy is a highly respected believer, son of a Jewish mother and Greek father.  Did you find it odd that Paul circumcised him just one chapter after it was determined that circumcision wasn’t necessary?  This was done as an act of love to the Jews.  They knew Timothy’s father was Greek, therefore, Timothy would not have been circumcised, and the Jews wouldn’t have received him.  This was a “know your audience” thing. Later Paul would write, “I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some.”  1 Corinthinians 9:22b. 

They journey with Silas, and notice how the Lord directs their path.  He keeps them out of Asia and Bithynia, and directs them to Macedonia.  Check it out on a map if you can; it is quite a journey. 

In Macedonia they are directed to a place by the river for prayer on the Sabbath, :13.  This hints at the fact there would not have been a Temple in town. But despite this, there is a gathering of women with hearts for God.  One woman in particular is Lydia.  The Lord opened her heart to respond to Pauls message, and she and her household were baptized.  She persuaded Paul and company to stay at her house.  Lydia was a woman of strong character, persuasion and means. 

Read on to meet the slave with a spirit of divination, who harrasses Paul and company for days.  That encounter leads to their arrest, and another miracle, and more souls saved – all for God’s glory! 

Beloved, I hope you enjoyed Chapter 16 as much as I did!  To me it says our past doesn’t matter.  It is never too late to become brand new.  It says that things that aren’t fair – like Paul and Silas’s beating and arrest – may happen, but Jesus has purpose that far outweighs the earthly pain.

Daily Word

Acts 6

Read Acts 6 – Discontent, discrimination and lies…. Does that sound familiar?  There is truly nothing new under the sun. 

The beautiful unity of Acts 4:32 has worn thin as the church began to grow.  There was discontent over the treatment of the widows between those who spoke Greek and those who spoke Hebrew.  The apostles recognized that it was time to delegate the responsibility and selected seven well respected men who were full of the Spirit and wisdom. 

Beloved, be wise about the little things that keep you from the most important things.  Be discerning over your time and willing to entrust responsibility to others. 

One of the chosen seven was Stephen: “Stephen, a man full of God’s grace and power, performed amazing miracles and signs among the people,” 6:8.  Some outside men called him to debate, but could not hold a candle to the wisdom and Spirit with which Stephen spoke(:10).  Their hearts were so hard that they persuaded some men to lie about Stephen with accusations of blasphemy…. humanity at its finest… they could have opened their eyes and surrendered their hearts, but instead they chose to persecute.  Yet, the Lord was with Stephen and his countenance became as bright as an angel’s(:15). 

Beloved, even when it seems hopeless, stand firm in the truth.  God is with you and doing things far and above what you see.  Do not lose faith.

Daily Word

Acts 2

Read Acts 2 – Be ready to be amazed! 

Beloved, my desire is that you read the bible.  Read Acts 2 now and let the Holy Spirit you read about teach you and open your eyes. Then if you have time, come back to this post. 

The Holy Spirit arrives as Jesus said he would.  The believers experience an incredible, supernatural event, as they are filled with the Holy Spirit.  It caused such a stir that the devout Jews who were living in Jerusalem came running to investigate.  They each heard and understood in their own language what was being said by the believers (:6).  Some said they were drunk, and Peter has an incredible answer for them. 

Beloved, remember Peter from the books of Luke and John… he was impulsive, and a bit rough around the edges?  Peter was a simple fisherman, but now we are hearing from a brand new Peter!  He is articulate and knowledgeable and puts Scripture together to show prophecy fulfilled.  Beloved, the Holy Spirit can accomplish great things in you too. 

Peter preached for a long time (:40) and about 3000 new believers were baptized and added to the church that day(:41).  It was a brand new life for them and they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and fellowship, sharing meals and prayer. 

This is the early church, and it is beautiful.  Beloved, what is your church like?  Do you give yourself to others, getting to know them and sharing life with them?  Let the Holy Spirit lead you today.🔥🔥🔥