Daily Word

Matthew 2

Read Matthew 2 – Do you know the Holy Spirit?  Are you able to discern his voice over the chatter of life?   Will you read our chapter with an eye for all the ways he intervened in the lives of Joseph, and the Magi?  Will you consider the priests and scribes who knew Scripture and the prophecies concerning Messiah, yet did nothing! They did not seek to find Messiah, rejoice or worship. They had knowledge, but no love. 

Joseph really stands out as a true man under God and spiritual leader of his household.   It is him the angel of the Lord addresses to flee to Egypt, then return, but to Nazareth and not Judea. 

Men, will you pray for deeper sensitivity to the Holy Spirits lead for you and the family God has entrusted to you? Women, will you pray for your men, spouse, father, son, brother and anyone else the Lord puts on your heart to know and pursue Jesus? 

Beloved, we are living in an age where spiritual wisdom and discernment are more important than ever.   Matthew 2 has so much to wake us up to! 

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