Daily Word

Acts 2

Read Acts 2 – Be ready to be amazed! 

Beloved, my desire is that you read the bible.  Read Acts 2 now and let the Holy Spirit you read about teach you and open your eyes. Then if you have time, come back to this post. 

The Holy Spirit arrives as Jesus said he would.  The believers experience an incredible, supernatural event, as they are filled with the Holy Spirit.  It caused such a stir that the devout Jews who were living in Jerusalem came running to investigate.  They each heard and understood in their own language what was being said by the believers (:6).  Some said they were drunk, and Peter has an incredible answer for them. 

Beloved, remember Peter from the books of Luke and John… he was impulsive, and a bit rough around the edges?  Peter was a simple fisherman, but now we are hearing from a brand new Peter!  He is articulate and knowledgeable and puts Scripture together to show prophecy fulfilled.  Beloved, the Holy Spirit can accomplish great things in you too. 

Peter preached for a long time (:40) and about 3000 new believers were baptized and added to the church that day(:41).  It was a brand new life for them and they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and fellowship, sharing meals and prayer. 

This is the early church, and it is beautiful.  Beloved, what is your church like?  Do you give yourself to others, getting to know them and sharing life with them?  Let the Holy Spirit lead you today.🔥🔥🔥

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