Daily Word

Genesis 2

Read Genesis 2 – on the seventh day,  God rested.  God rested, even though he doesn’t need rest.   Do you think he rested to teach us to work hard, rest and restore ourselves to himself?

Next we get more details on creation.  The order is important. The fact that rain didn’t exist is noteworthy, :5.  Also, consider that Adam was created from dust and God’s own breath, :7.  And then, the Garden of Eden, including the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, with the warning not to eat from the latter.  And finally, God causes Adam to sleep, takes a rib from him, creates a woman and gives her to Adam. This was done in the garden, amongst beauty and order.

Remember, Adam was created from dust and God’s own breath… Beloved, notice how the essence of men and women were a part of our very origin – men in the raw wilderness – women in the garden amongst beauty and order. Both are made in God’s image, yet reflect Him uniquely. And when the two join together they are united into one, :24. This is God’s incredible design of us.   It overrides genetics and makes two become one in marriage… we leave our parents and join together,  :24. 

Beloved, take some time to reflect and thank God for his unique and wonderful design of you, and your spouse if you have one,  with such care and intricacies, and desire for relationship with Him. You are His precious creation. 💕💝💖☝💖💝💕

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