Daily Word

Genesis 3

Read Genesis 3 – Consider temptation – Consider it for what it is and the one behind it, the devil himself.  Subtlety is his gift.  He did not approach Eve with his horns sticking out, threatening her life to sin… he simply asked, “Did God really say…,” :1. 

Beloved, let’s all start to take that whisper seriously.  We all know good from evil.  We know what temptation is.  We need to stop chatting with it!  Picture those horns and threats when you hear the whisper.  If you fall for it and succumb to the temptation, the same enemy who whispered will shout accusations and condemnation at you.  Recognize the battle, no matter how innocently it is introduced. 

Notice where Eve went wrong next. She exaggerated by adding, “or even touch it,” :3, to God’s instruction, and Adam was standing with her this whole time!  Silent!  (:6)  Why didn’t he confront the serpent?  Why didn’t he protect Eve?  Men, we need you.  Not only did Eve need Adam, but as a result of the fall, God has given him rule over her (and this applies to all of us forevermore too).  “YOU WILL DESIRE TO CONTROL YOUR HUSBAND, BUT HE WILL RULE OVER YOU,”  :16. 

In verse :20 God shifts from talking to the serpent, Adam, and Eve – to atonement.  Verse :21 gives us the first blood sacrifice for sin.  Verse :22 shows us the triune relationship once more, as God discusses a plan to guard us from eternal damnation. 

Beloved, we were made for eternity, but if we step into eternal life as sinners without atonement there is no hope.  Jesus is the final blood sacrifice for sin.  FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD HE GAVE HIS ONE AND ONLY SON, SO THAT EVERYONE WHO BELIEVES IN HIM WILL NOT PERISH BUT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE.  John 3:16. 

Beloved, you do not need to hide from God.  Lay your sin at the foot of the cross and let Jesus be Lord and Savior over your life.  This is for believers, but if you are reading this and have not surrendered your life to Christ… what are you waiting for?🍎🐉💔📖💖🌎🐑

Daily Word

Genesis 2

Read Genesis 2 – on the seventh day,  God rested.  God rested, even though he doesn’t need rest.   Do you think he rested to teach us to work hard, rest and restore ourselves to himself?

Next we get more details on creation.  The order is important. The fact that rain didn’t exist is noteworthy, :5.  Also, consider that Adam was created from dust and God’s own breath, :7.  And then, the Garden of Eden, including the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, with the warning not to eat from the latter.  And finally, God causes Adam to sleep, takes a rib from him, creates a woman and gives her to Adam. This was done in the garden, amongst beauty and order.

Remember, Adam was created from dust and God’s own breath… Beloved, notice how the essence of men and women were a part of our very origin – men in the raw wilderness – women in the garden amongst beauty and order. Both are made in God’s image, yet reflect Him uniquely. And when the two join together they are united into one, :24. This is God’s incredible design of us.   It overrides genetics and makes two become one in marriage… we leave our parents and join together,  :24. 

Beloved, take some time to reflect and thank God for his unique and wonderful design of you, and your spouse if you have one,  with such care and intricacies, and desire for relationship with Him. You are His precious creation. 💕💝💖☝💖💝💕