Daily Word

Genesis 1

Read Genesis 1 –  It’s a day for new beginnings.  Our beginning is marvelous.  It is simply mind boggling and awesome, much like our Heavenly Father himself!  IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH. 1:1  Isn’t that something, that the heavens were created at the same time.  We don’t get any details on what went on in the creation of heaven though, plenty of time for that when we get there, right?  But what the Bible does give us on the creation of the earth is one WOW after the next!  I was taken in by the third day… it’s like a day on fast forward because an entire cycle of tree/plant/seed repeat takes place.  Then, on the fifth day we get:  THEN GOD SAID, “LET THE WATERS SWARM WITH FISH AND OTHER LIFE.  LET THE SKIES BE FILLED WITH BIRDS OF EVERY KIND.” 1:20  I could sit with a sketch pad all day long and maybe come up with a fish, but I have plenty of examples to get started, God came up with ALL fish, other sea life, and birds of every kind in a day starting with nothing…. Think of the intricacies of color, texture, scales or feathers, and life, heart, lung, brain, cell….  I can only marvel at how awesome God is.  And on day six… WOW.  He made us in his image.  Drop the mic, right?  How privileged are we to be made by our Creator in his own image?  The first hint of the Trinity, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, is plainly stated here.  THEN GOD SAID, “LET US MAKE HUMAN BEINGS IN OUR IMAGE…” 1:26.  I encourage you to look at this in other versions too.  (I am using my NLT today).  Beloved, marvel at God.  Delight yourself to try, just try, and grasp how Great and Wonderful our Lord is.  Praise Him!  Let’s start this year with awe and wonder.☝🏞🍓🦭🌳🙆‍♂️☝

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