Daily Word

Luke 23

Read Luke 23 – Lord have mercy!  The human heart is revealed throughout our chapter.

The council of elders, leading priests and teachers of religious law banded together and told 3 lies concerning Jesus: that he led people astray, that he told them not to pay taxes to Rome, and that he claimed to be king. Pilate was a Roman governor being persuaded to crucify Jesus, in whom he found nothing wrong, by the bullying threat of riots. 23:1-5.  Pilate discovered Jesus was Galilean and under Herod’s jurisdiction.

Herod goes from being delighted to see Jesus :8, to mocking and ridiculing him :11.  That is sin nature at its ugliest….being cruel for entertainment’s sake. The mob wins and our Savior lays down his life. 

Can you imagine the restraint it must have taken in the angelic realm? 

Joseph takes the body of Jesus, wraps him in linen and placed him in a tomb.   The women prepared burial spices, but could not anoint his body because Sabbath had begun. 

It is silent Saturday. Oh beloved, you are so loved. Jesus laid down his life for you.   How will you respond? ⚰✝️❤💔❤✝️⚰

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