Daily Word

Luke 22:35-71

Read Luke 22:35-71 – It’s getting real. 

Jesus prepares the men by noting the shift, he sent them out with nothing before and now they would need to be prepared for hostility.   They would be counted as rebels(:37). 

Jesus asked them to pray, as he stepped away to pray also.  An angel came and ministered to Jesus as he prayed, and he prayed to the agony of blood.   Beloved, if there were any way to Salvation, apart from the cross, this is the time God would have changed Jesus’s course.  The wrath I deserve, the wrath you deserve and all sinners for all time was in that cup, and Jesus pleaded for another way while still surrendering,  “Nevertheless not My will, but Yours, be done. ” 22:42

And when he returned to the disciples, he found them sleeping and not praying(:46). Beloved, pray fierce and fervently, do not cower in denial, do not sleep when you should be praying. 

Then Judas shows up, betraying Jesus with a kiss.   The disciples are ready to fight; the high priests slave gets his ear chopped off.  Jesus puts a stop to it and heals the man (:51)!  Jesus gives a miracle here in the middle of this betrayal.  Jesus is arrested, Peter denies him, Jesus is beaten with a level of cruelty that is hard to comprehend. 

Beloved, don’t look away, don’t sleep.  Pray.🙏🙇‍♀️🙏 

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