Daily Word

Luke 24

Read Luke 24 – This is a day for awe!  

The women were prepared for a somber and reverent morning of preparing the brutalized body of their Lord for burial.   Can you imagine the agony of tending to each lash and tear with oil and spices?  Yet the stone was rolled away! (:2)

Two men in dazzling robes asked them why they were looking among the dead for someone who is alive? They remembered Jesus had said it would happen, and rushed back to tell the disciples. Jesus appears, teaches, walks beside and eats with them in various settings. 

Beloved, Jesus meets us in the most unique and personal ways too!  Keep your eyes open and your heart prepared.

Jesus prepares them for the Holy Spirits arrival and tells them to wait in the city for him. Then He lifted His hands to heaven, blessed them, and was taken up to heaven. They were filled with great joy and returned to the Temple, praising God. (:50-53) 

Oh Beloved believer!   Our Savior lives!   Hallelujah – Christ is risen! Glory to God. 💖👆🥰😇🥰👆💖

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