Daily Word

Luke 19

Read Luke 19 – They get it! 

As Jesus enters Jericho, the chief tax collector strives to hear and see him.  He climbs a tree to see better, and Jesus calls to him by name and tells him to climb down because he (Jesus) must be a guest in his (Zacchaeus) home (:5).  Can you imagine???  Zacchaeus’ repentance that night is so pure that Jesus states Salvation has come to his home (:8-10). 

Jesus tells the crowd a parable about a mean king who entrusted 10 pounds to his servants to invest.  The first servant made 10 times the original amount and the king was pleased.  The next earned 5 times and the king was pleased.  The third feared the king so much that he hid the money in the ground and was only able to return the original amount untouched.  The king was furious… to me this represents one who takes their faith and shares about Jesus, winning souls, or taking that same faith and keeping it private, never telling anyone else the Good News.  Beloved, live to please God over man. 

At last, Jesus has his triumphant entry into Jerusalem.  Many believers line the street with palm branches and sing, recognizing and revering Jesus as the King who came in the name of the Lord.  Yet, still Jerusalem is blinded and their fate is destruction…. “How I wish today that you of all people would understand the way to peace.  But now it is too late, and peace is hidden from your eyes.” 19:42 

Beloved, where do you fit in this?  Is there a song of praise on your lips?  Do you multiply the faith in your heart with those around you?  Do you understand Jesus as the way to peace?  Do you get it too???

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